HotForex Broker always has something to offer his clients! And it does not matter whether it is New Year’s holidays, or just a regular calendar week – most of the shares are perpetual, but no less attractive for the trader.

HotForex: a broker who knows what customers need!

  1. “Loyalty program”. New promotion for current and potential traders. The more active trading days a trader has, the more HotForex ingots the trader gets for each full lot:
  • Red. The level, which is assigned to the trader immediately after registration, makes it possible to get 6 ingots per lot;
  • Silver. Opportunity to get 8 bars per lot after 31 trading days have been accumulated (breaks are possible between active days);
  • Gold. 10 bars are awarded for 62 active trading days;
  • Platinum. 12 bars per lot are received by someone who actively trades with HotForex for more than 105 days.

Only for the account replenishment and verification, the broker gives 100 bars. 35 bars = 1 dale. US, you can turn them into money after the accumulation of 1000 bars. Note, HotForex is one of the few brokers that offers monetized bonuses not for the deposit amount, but for the turnover, thereby encouraging the trader to trade in profit. Also, bars can be exchanged for services: consulting analytics, free access to the VPS service, etc.

  1. “MastarCard HotForex”. This is a joint action with the international payment system. The card is accepted for payment anywhere in the world to make any purchases. Advantages of the card: instant money transfer from or to a brokerage account, absolute security, chargeback in case of controversial situations.
  2. Bonuses. There are two main active bonus programs:
  • “Super bonus.” 100% of bonuses are calculated subject to the replenishment of the deposit in the amount of 250 dollars. The United States, while the bonus discount (refund) $ 2. US for each trading lot;
  • Credit Bonus. 100% of bonuses represent leverage. The conditions for working off the bonus are presented in more detail on the website in English.
  1. “Add funds without commission.” All deposits and withdrawals are free of charge. If the bank charges a commission, after the screenshot is submitted, the broker returns the commission.
  2. “Contests”. At the moment, HotForex has a registration for one monthly contest for traders. Contests on a demo account with a bonus prize are held periodically, and annual contests will appear closer to the holiday period, where the prize fund is real money or a trip to Cyprus. Tournaments are held constantly, but their conditions are absolutely diverse. Therefore, just follow the updates on the broker’s website and do not miss something interesting for yourself!

And let us remind you that trading with HotForex will be even more profitable if you register for free on the FxCash rebate service website. FxCash is a partial return of the spread, consulting support, analytics and interesting news every day! Stay tuned!

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