How does the forex rebate work?

Getting started is as easy as registering on the site of any dealing center. After completing the formal registration procedure on the FxCash.RU website, it remains to choose your broker from the list provided and activate the trading account. All other activities of a trader registered on a rebate resource are no different from his daily professional life. But now the work will bring even more pleasure, since most of the spread or commission for each operation will be credited to the deposit, regardless of the result of closing the transaction. This practice is made possible through partnership agreements that rebate services sign with major brokerage companies from around the world.

What do you need to earn a new source of income?

The standard procedure for registering an individual account on the FxCash rebate service website takes no more than a few minutes. Do you want to get high-class service without failures? Specify your reliable data from the first time – this will ensure the absence of problems in the future. As soon as the registration process comes to an end, an email will be sent with the appropriate instructions.

Then it remains to go into your personal account and select a broker with the best options for cooperation. Among the 40 dealing centers presented on the FxCash website, there is surely a market operator with whom you already have experience of successful cooperation. Additional facilities include the possibility of transferring an old account to the system of rebate services — more and more major brokers are offering this service.

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