Professional Forex trading is not only the ability to analyze and predict price direction. It is also a deep understanding of how a broker works directly, deals are made on the interbank market, etc. For scalpers and traders working on fundamental analysis, the speed of order triggering and order execution will be an important factor. The more speed (measured in ms – milliseconds), the less slippage, and the faster you can buy an asset at the best price, ahead of competitors.

Order execution speed depends on:

  • the speed of the broker’s servers and its ability to transfer data to the liquidity provider;
  • trader provider internet connection speed;
  • platform speed.

If in the first 2 cases the problem can be corrected only by replacing the counterparty, then the third problem can be eliminated with your own hands. How to do this, let us tell by the example of the MT4 speed.

Check the speed of the MT4

Unscrupulous brokers rent slow servers to save money. But the problem in failures and braking can be on the side of the trader. Possible reasons:

  • inconsistency of PC technical parameters with the platform requirements (operating system, viruses, low RAM, video card, etc.);
  • the problem of the terminal code itself or its overload with extra add-ons;
  • external intervention by the broker. In particular, the broker’s adjustment through the Metatrader Manager add-on (fraud) can affect the MT4 rate.

Step 1. We check the compliance of the computer settings with the installed version of MT4 (information can be found on the developer’s website).

Step 2. Check:

  • Internet speed (MT4 speed is always lower than Internet speed). Variant of the site to check –;
  • response time for a request from the PC to the broker’s server. One of the resources is Check is free. You need to specify the name of the broker of interest, and then in the section “Server Information” to see the location of its servers. (The site sometimes works with a crash, but there are similar resources). On the site we indicate the locations of the servers and compare the speed with other servers. If the connection speed is the same, there are no complaints to the server. If the obtained Ping value is higher than 300 ms, it is better to replace the broker. If the speed is less than 100 ms, the broker is excellent.

Step 3. We find a script on the Internet that cleans everything that is unnecessary and unused with MT4. Or simply reinstall the platform with the transfer of the necessary data and quotes.

In 50% of cases, the problem is still on the side of the broker, but do not rush to put a cross on it:

  • Describe the support of the problem. At the same time, check how much the broker wants to solve the client’s problem (loyalty level);
  • send screenshots of verification.

You can also check the stability of the Internet. To do this, we call the task window in the OS, write the ping command, and after the space indicate the address of the broker’s site. There should be no lost packages, the speed should match the results.

This is just one way to check the speed of the MT4. Some traders launch MT4 of different brokers on the same asset and see which platform is slower. The method is logical, but not always effective, because it does not indicate the causes of inhibition. If you have your own ways to analyze the speed of a trading platform, share them in the comments!

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