A trading strategy is a specific sequence of actions by a trader, which allows him to achieve positive results in trading. During the existence of exchange trading, many strategies have been created. Some of them are little known, while others have been tested by several generations of stock market players and proved to be very profitable. Such trading strategies are widespread and popular among traders. In this article, we will look at one of the most popular binary options trading strategies.

Experienced stock market players rarely use ready-made strategies. They create their own unique trading system, based on one or more popular strategies. Combining them with each other, removing and introducing convenient trading tools for them, they end up with a universal strategy that brings good profit. Beginner traders who trade binary options have to use simple popular strategies, the use of which gives a good result. The search for a suitable trading system is carried out empirically. The exchange player sometimes has to go through a dozen strategies in order to find his own. In this search, he should be guided by a number of criteria. The strategy must correspond to the trader’s psycho type, it must be convenient, simple, understandable and give a good income. Profitable strategies for trading binary options. What you need to know? Newbies on the stock exchange can be advised to take advantage of the trading strategy that ensures the diversification of capital on binary options. Its use increases the safety of capital and the probability of winning. The basic principle of this trading system can be expressed in the following words – take risks more often, but in smaller quantities. Following it, the binary options trader in each transaction uses no more than 1/10 of its capital. “Five minutes of luck” is recognized by many traders who trade binary options as a simple, convenient and effective strategy. Increased interest in it is associated with a high probability of winning, which exceeds 80%. Before using it, the exchange player must find an asset, the price of which is steadily moving in one direction, no matter up or down. Any asset will be suitable for trading, the price change for which is as close as possible to a flat line. It should not have sudden drops or high “steps”. Having found such a product, it remains only to purchase a suitable binary option and wait for the end of the auction. The five minutes of good luck trading strategy can be reused throughout the day. This will enable the novice trader to quickly increase their initial capital.

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