In the wake of the investment rush cryptocurrency quotes soared by 100-1000% within 3 months. True, in mid-July came a slight pullback. Someone argues it with technical issues (rejection of some protocols, legislative inhibition, etc.), someone believes that the bubble is gradually deflating. And yet, if most of the existing cryptocurrencies are not viable, then such innovative solutions as Bitcoin and Ethereum in the future may become technologies of a new generation. Bitcoins can be bought even in special machines (available in some cities). And how to become the owner of the ether, read on.

Profitability of mining Ethereum and other ways of earning on it

1. Ethereum Cranes

Cranes cryptocurrency dozens, if not hundreds. They are Internet services that share a cryptocurrency with an investor for performing specific tasks: viewing ads, entering captcha, etc. The list of the most “fatty” (profitable) cranes is in the ratings – rotators. But like all ratings, they are most likely not true. The accrual of the air is carried out every 5-60 minutes, because the cranes-swindlers are determined quickly. The yield is small, the work is boring. But without risk and initial capital.

2. Mining

The profitability of Ethereum mining is quite ambiguous. Because the network even has special calculators to calculate the effectiveness of mining. A farm is one or more system blocks that perform a specific algorithm of operations 24 hours a day. Since 2015, Ethereum has started cloud mining (cryptocurrency mining in the network itself), while mono-mining in 2 versions is still popular among private investors:

  • processor mining (CPU);
  • graphics card mining (GPU).

Due to the performance of the second option, the demand for video cards has increased significantly, and with it the cost of the cards themselves. But even at a high price, you can buy them mainly under the order. The profitability of Ethereum mining is not that big at first. The return on investment will be 9-12 months, even with the current rate. In the future, the Ethereum mining profitability limit is coming, so you can only count on the growth rate. But even in case of failure, the farm can be sold.

3. Exchange

The fastest and most effective way to become the owner of the ether. Some even manage to make money on speculation, although with the margin of the exchanges it is not easy. Therefore, it is worth buying at the next drawdown and with the expectation of a long-term perspective. Less – need a relatively large initial investment. Examples of exchanges: EXMO, Kraken, Poloniex.

4. Binary Options or Forex

Suppose that in this case you do not become the direct owner of the cryptocurrency, but with a minimum capital you can earn on exchange rate fluctuations. ForexMart broker provides for Bitcoin trading, for AvaTrade – broadcast, Bitcoin.

And in conclusion, we add: the profitability of mining Ethereum and investment in cryptocurrency is not a speculative earnings, but a long-term calculation. Today, society is not yet ready for a full transition to blockchain technology. But after 3-5 years, everything can change dramatically. And then the courses of ether and Bitcoin will increase several times.

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