Affiliate programs in Forex for a trader or simply for a broker’s client are a way of passive earnings. Any broker is interested in attracting new customers and is willing to pay for the fact that someone will bring them to him. You do not need to open a trading account or understand the intricacies of trading! Affiliate payments are conditionally divided into three groups (although each broker has its own nuances):

  • Pay Per Click. The partner receives money for the fact that the visitor of the site goes to the broker’s website using the link posted on his resource;
  • a fixed fee for each attracted customer, provided that he replenishes the deposit. Important condition: the investor (referral) must come to the broker through the referral (partner) referral link, only in this case the referrer will receive a reward;
  • percentage of investor’s turnover.

For the referral participation in the affiliate program is free. The broker provides promotional materials (banners, business cards, information sheet, etc.) – you can either download them directly on the site, or get them after registering with an affiliate program. Here are some examples of partnership programs in Forex that are offered by rebate service partners of FxCash:

  • Forex Club. Broker offers 200 dollars. US for each qualified investor or percentage of gross investor income;
  • LiteForex. Here are 5 affiliate programs with different payment terms (for example, $ 25 for each referral and 10% of the sub-partner’s turnover). The broker offers a free website builder (almost none of the brokers have such an offer!) – you create a website, place an ad and promote it;
  • MFX Broker. Affiliate programs on Forex: standard and multi-level. Read the remuneration table on the website, it is not easy.

Forex Affiliate Programs: Recommendations for Action

Affiliate programs on Forex do not work without their own resource (website) on which to advertise a broker. We offer the following three ideas for development:

1. “Budget”.

Its essence is in creating your own website (blog) on ​​the basis of a free “engine” and further promotion. Procedure:

  • use the site builder or learn the simplest basics of website creation. The recommended template (platform) is WordPress;
  • think over site design. It should not be overloaded with information, have a convenient menu for visitors, nice graphics and interactivity. The site should have its own style (examine sites of similar subjects) – readers should want to return to the site again and again;
  • Learn the basics of writing SEO content (matching keywords and using them);
  • gradually begin to fill the site. His paid promotion is not necessary if you publish interesting material (it can be ordered on freelance exchanges);
  • With attendance of 100 people per day, start a partnership with several brokers at the same time. Some brokers are willing to pay for interesting articles about them, subject to site traffic.

It will take about a month to study the theory, and another 3-6 months to fill the site. Financial costs are minimal, but earlier than 6 months, you should not rely on the result.

2. “Entrepreneurial”.

The site is only a base for placing promotional materials, the task is to create your own analogue of the MLM network. For this:

  • find a professional trader who is ready to become a coach (consultant);
  • Hire employees who are trained in basic knowledge by a trainer-consultant at the “minimum +%” rate;
  • teach employees minimal knowledge of working with social networks and cold calls.

Employees, working with forums, social networks, telephone base, attract new brokers, the consultant helps to answer questions if employees do not have enough knowledge. Plus the option of earning – you can entice traders to another broker. Minus – large financial costs at the start, affiliate programs in Forex may not pay off.

3. “For the lazy.”

You drive in the search for “Site Network Affiliate Programs”, create your own site on the resource, place advertising materials, earn money on clicks and new customers. Plus: fast, almost no investment. Minus: poor performance, small earnings.

Summary. For a trader, affiliate programs on Forex are a variant of passive earnings. For an active partner who does not associate himself with trade – the option of basic earnings. Almost every FxCash partner offers affiliate programs, so all you have to do is start making money! Create your sites, promote them and make a profit. And stay with the FxCash blog, where there is always only the most useful information for you!

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