For the last 3 months, the cryptocurrency market has been in a flat state with several clearly emerging trends. The level of capitalization of 300 billion dollars. The United States has proven to be a strong resistance level, which the market cannot break through. There is another tendency: despite the fact that the level of capitalization is in the narrow “250-300” corridor, the share of the PTS has increased by almost 10% (to 47%). This suggests that the speculative euphoria has already passed, investors withdraw money from the coins of lower echelons, which showed the most rapid growth. Preferring stability, investors are again returning to the PTS, which looks most confident in a falling market. Support him and miners. How to mine Bitcoins in 2018, read on.

Any action begins with an understanding of what a person wants to achieve with this action. The purpose of mining is to make a profit that would recoup the costs, and in the case of Bitcoin, exactly the costs are the weak point of mining. Due to the significant growth of the network, problems of scalability and falling quotations to $ 6,000. USA and lower in 2018 to mine Bitcoin privately in the classical way on video cards is almost not profitable. Below is a comparative cost of mining of military-technical cooperation in different countries depending on energy consumption.

Recently, private miners are switching to mining using ASIC – integrated circuits for computing the PoW consensus algorithm. Before beating Bitcoins in 2018, calculate the profitability on a calculator (there are many examples on the Internet) by entering the basic parameters of the pool.

Mining Procedure for BTC on ASIC

The general mining procedure for MTC at ASIC is as follows:

  • Buy equipment. The most popular ASIC models in 2018 are: Antminer S9 (cost about $ 2,700–3,000), Antminer R4 (about $ 1,300–1,500). When buying, we pay attention to power consumption, noise level, hashrate.
  • From the Internet, download the wallet for the PTS. It is better to use cold, thick, self-contained wallets.
  • Choose a pool for mining, guided by the following points: how often there are blocks, the principle of calculating the remuneration, the number of participants, the pool commission.
  • Install mining software, individual for each operating system (examples: BFGMiner, 50 Miner).

The software is synchronized with the wallet, pool, farm drivers. This is the most difficult part, however, there are many tips on the Internet, where and which lines of code should be written for setting up and what actions should be taken in the OS registries.

Conclusion: the payback of mining of military-technical cooperation is on average more than a year, provided that its price at least remains at the current level. Therefore, we recommend investors two options: to refuse mining of military-technical cooperation, choosing alternative coins with mining on video cards (for example, ZEN or dual mining ETH and SIA). Or earn through cryptocurrency exchanges on the growth of quotations. If you know other options like mine Bitcoin in 2018, write them in the comments.

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