There are dozens of trade advisors in the public domain, but 99% of them do not bring profit. Trading systems have a period of life, after which they become unprofitable. If at the beginning a new trade adviser could still generate income, then as soon as everything began to be used by him, he would lose his effectiveness. Some brokers (AMarkets) offer free software, but their effectiveness depends on professional tuning. Some brokers offer robots for a fee (FreshForex), but do you agree to pay 100-400 dollars? USA for the “cat in the bag”?

  • Tip: develop your own trading system based on technical indicators, test it on a demo account, make its assessment. Does the system work? Order the advisor’s spelling on it!

Expert Advisor Writing: How to set a task for a programmer correctly

MT4 is the most popular terminal for algorithmic trading, the advisor language is MQL. Therefore, the most reliable option is to order the writing of an adviser on the developer’s official website, the MQL5 freelance market.


  1. Register on the site.
  2. In the upper right menu, click “New Job”, fill out the order form:
  • briefly describe the task (writing an advisor, script, indicator, correction of the finished robot code);
  • specify the platform version;
  • set the estimated cost of work and time. The price can be adjusted at the time of order approval. Note that in 10% of cases the deadlines are not met;
  • Describe the essence of the task.

Requirements for the formulation of TK:

  • the customer is obliged to understand the basic points of the statement of the TK. The contractor only writes the code, the customer specifies the specifics of what he wants to see;
  • TK should not have tasks that can be perceived in two ways. Interpretation of the task should be the same on the part of the customer and the contractor;
  • The TOR specifies the technical analysis tools, conditions for placing orders, the principles for calculating the lot. The contractor is not interested in how the strategy works, he wants to see a specific task.
  1. For potential contractors, we analyze data such as “Disputes with the customer”, “Number of overdue orders”, “Total work”, “Number of works taken in execution”.
  2. After the person who will execute the order is selected, an electronic confirmation of the agreement takes place in your account. The customer pays for the work, money is reserved on the service website. All stages of the order (discussion of the prototype, the need for improvement, etc.) are recorded in the Journal. If the customer is not satisfied with the work of the contractor, the dispute is sent to the arbitration service.
  3. In case of accepting a job, the service charges a 10% commission. If the contractor provided the results of the work, but the customer did not respond within 3 days, payment to the contractor is transferred automatically.

Resume. Free advisors in most cases are unprofitable, paid advisors are a risk. There is nothing more reliable than your own trading system, tested on a demo or cent account. Writing an advisor is the most optimal and economically viable option, which is a 100% guarantee of the performance of the trading system.

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