The vast majority of newbies and even experienced traders merge their deposits due to the fact that they can not periodically control their emotions. The most deadly of them for the trader is greed, fear and, as a result, excitement. Fortunately, there are several iron methods to combat the excitement. Consider the simplest and at the same time the most effective of them on the example of the following situations: the deal closed at take profit, the deal closed at stop loss, an open trade in a deep minus (from 18 points). The principle is the same. If the transaction is closed with a profit, but you feel that the market will continue to move in your direction, stop. At this moment, it is not the mind that drives you, but the emotions. It is possible that there will be a correction or even a reversal of the trend. As a result of this, you will lose not only the money earned, but also part of the deposit. In order to curb your emotions, close the terminal window and occupy yourself with something else, no less interesting. Try not to think about forex. With stop-loss, the situation is similar. If your deposit is in a rather weighty negative, and the stop-loss is not set for certain reasons, do not rush to immediately close the position. Take a close look at the chart. This can be a simple retracement or correction. In this case, open the trade in the opposite direction and hold it until the correction ends. If you are sure that this is not a correction, and the trend has reversed, immediately close the position in order to preserve capital.

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