The more well-known the indicator and the strategy based on it, the less likely it is to work effectively. Imagine that thousands of people learned about the opportunity to earn money and immediately everyone rushed, for example, to buy a potentially profitable asset. Demand with limited supply generates a price increase, followed by a decline after the market saturation. That strategy, which could work in the flat, ceases to be effective due to the mass character of its use. Basic technical tools are still effective, but based on them more and more unknown Forex indicators appear. The assistant (Pomoshhnik) is one of them.

Pomoshhnik – unknown forex indicator for background trading

You will not find information about the Helper in the public domain. This indicator is discussed in narrow circles in professional forums.

  • Important! If you specify in the search box “Assistant Indicator”, the search engine will give you only a link to the author’s indicator of a certain Andrew. In the links you will not find a description of his work, or a strategy based on it, but only a proposal to join the seminar (webinar). This indicator has nothing to do with the tool we offer. We will not only describe the strategy, but also are ready to send you an indicator template for free by email if you write about it in the comments.

The strategy is intraday and is designed for permanent earnings of about 10 points on average 2-3 times a week (more often, no signals occur). Helper is an unknown Forex indicator that indicates candles where High or Low are far away from the EMA (exponential moving average). The principle of tactics is based on the fact that a strong inertial movement will be followed by an inevitable rollback towards the sliding one, on which you can earn.

Trading Terms:

  • timeframe – M15;
  • asset – EUR / USD;
  • Pomoshhnik: Add volume = false, Flip calculations = false, Levels: 100, -100.

The condition for opening a buy position is one: a red column appears on the chart below the -100 level. After this signal on the next candle you can open a deal with a stop of 10-20 points. The position is closed without any partial fixation or trailing completely after 10 points.

For a short position, the situation is mirrored: the indicator should draw a green column above the level of 100. The strategy is optional, since you cannot get more profit with it. Inputs are made on the correction, because a short take profit here will be most appropriate. Sometimes you can catch not a correction, but a trend, earning more than 10 points. But to distinguish a trend from a correction is possible only with the help of other indicators or a fundamental analysis. The strategy will be interesting for novice traders to train attentiveness and patience.

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