We continue to talk about interesting investment games that will help you relax a little, and at the same time hone your skills. Business games for investors can be both desktop (the field can be printed on the Internet) and computer games where players compete with each other while being in different parts of the world.

Business games for investors

Examples of investment games for a large company and not only:

  • Investment. New board business game for investors, which appeared in 2017. Compared to other board games, its rules are complex. True, who said that they need to follow? Here, the one who is able to build a logical chain of actions wins, take events a few steps forward and establish communication with competitors.
  • Monopoly (Manager, Empire). A classic board business game for investors with simple but interesting rules. The playing field is divided into several sectors representing different industries. In each sector there are 3 companies. After buying a company (dice and chips), other players pay rent when they hit a cell, which increases significantly with the purchase of the entire sector. You can exchange companies, build your strategy and negotiate with competitors. There are no uniform rules of the game – you just need to defeat other players by buying the maximum amount of assets.
  • Margingame. Another relatively new idea to embody in the board game the situation of the financial market. Here you can set up experiments, introduce your own rules, build your own strategy of behavior and risk. The game is not bad, if you have already tried all the free options of other board games.
  • Red and blue. Team business game for investors, which teaches to find a common language in the competitive world. 3-4 teams get divorced into different rooms, where they have to choose red or blue color for 10 rounds. If all teams choose red, points are awarded to everyone, blue – points are deducted. If the colors are different, then one team gets points, the second loses. The team with the highest points wins, if one team scores less than 0 points, everyone loses. As practice shows, at first everyone tries to make a decision to win, thereby drowning competitors. By the middle of the game there is an understanding that this is the way to defeat, because someone goes below zero. And then begin the attempts to save the situation (sinking team), giving up the desire to win. An excellent game for learning how to build communications and understand the consciousness of competitors.
  • Demo account. What could be better than learning how to invest in the real market? No investment, maximum reality, which makes you feel real responsibility and risk. We download a platform from any market broker (for example, QUIK for the stock market or MT4 for Forex) and learn to make money in the real world on a virtual account.

We hope that these games will be interesting for you and invite you to share other interesting games in the comments!

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