Tell me, because many of you have seen attractive offers to earn that way from 20% per annum or more? We are sure that you have even met proposals for 100% per annum or more, and investments in cryptocurrency could have brought 500% in a few months. And yet, seeing all these numbers, many for some reason dismiss them and go to the banks, which even don’t even cover inflation.

Or, even worse, leave the money at home. And Forex is considered a pyramid at all. Why do people do this, there are many reasons:

  • they do not believe that everyone can make money by gaining financial independence, and they don’t even try to take the first step;
  • they don’t believe the numbers, they see a trick in everything, but they don’t even want to try to understand the essence of various investment methods;
  • they find every excuse for their passivity.

Fear, laziness, self-doubt, inability to control emotions – these are the main reasons why many people deprive themselves of the opportunity to become professional investors. How not to be afraid to invest, read on.

How not to be afraid to invest: the basic fears of a novice investor

  1. “Forex, stock exchanges, etc. – all these are pyramids and deception. I trust only banks. ”MMM is remembered by many, and even court proceedings against Forex brokers are very frequent, remember at least Pantheon Finance and MMСIS. Fears are not groundless. But there are thousands of traders in the world who, using their own example, show that you can make money on Forex. True, not in the first month. But it is possible. So you can take the experience of the best, not the worst?
  2. “I have no knowledge. Let the economists invest. ”Do you think so too? And what have you done to ensure that this knowledge you have? Any investment implies that you must have relevant information and understand where the profit is generated, and not “be” in three-digit income. Always start with something. And if investing can bring in more money than your main occupation, then why not?
  3. “I am afraid of losing money.” The loss and lack of payback of investments is one of the strongest. You just need not be afraid to invest, knowing that money can “burn out”. You should enjoy your work. Do not like to invest – do not even start. And if you like, then the possible loss is a payment for the pleasure and excitement. Is this a bad motivation?
  4. “I have little money.” And who has a lot of them? Every millionaire dreams of becoming a billionaire, the only question is the availability of free money. But they are not always. Read about the proper budget allocation in the next article.
  5. “I’m afraid to change something.” Yeah, I mean, we got used to the usual work, where the boss decides everything for you and where the salary is paid consistently. It is logical, why change something, if there is a tit in the hands. But why not investing in parallel? Yes, in the future, the life of an investor will change dramatically, but if this is for the better, is it bad?
  6. “I’m afraid of losing control of the situation.” Emotions are the main enemy of a professional investor, whatever they may be. Anger, euphoria, insecurity – all this is included in the category of such a thing as gambling. Fear that is most difficult to overcome.
  7. “I am concerned about the opinions of others.” For some reason, the fact that strangers will poke their fingers in the back in case of failure or envy in case of success stops many people. But this is a sign of dependence on other people, which is not inherent in the guru of investing. Things are easy – overcome this fear.
  8. “I’m afraid of responsibility.” The investor is responsible for their mistakes. But he is also responsible for his profits. And sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is worth the risk!

Of course, the fears of an investor are much greater, but these are the most frequent reasons for stopping a person. How to avoid them, how not to be afraid to invest and motivate yourself, read the following article.

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