In the first part, we told you about the fears of an investor that prevent a person from starting to make money on investments. As practice shows, people try to avoid Forex, cryptocurrency, mutual funds, stock markets, ETFs, crowded platforms, and even less trust venture capitalists. Many people lack literally the first push, the first step, which would radically change their lives for the better. And we hope that some tips on how to overcome the fears of the investor from the previous article will help you to do this.

How to take the first step in investing

  1. “Big money is a myth.” Of course a myth, if you do not understand how it is generated. Because:
  • Take your time to label. Understand the essence of the investment proposal, see the profitability of previous periods (this, according to the financial statements);
  • rate the risks. The higher the risk, the higher the return. And note that the project owners also want to make money.

Do not rush to make a decision, but do not immediately dismiss interesting proposals.

  1. “I have no knowledge.” Do not understand the topic – do not even try to invest money. But if you still want to fix it, then:
  • Approach self-education systematized. First, get acquainted with different investment options, study the conditions of competitors, evaluate the risk. Take part in specialized forums;
  • Take everything critical. Do not rush to invest money in seminars, do not trust the very first optimistic theses. Immediately meet with professionals whose knowledge and connections may be useful in the future. Getting into the guru environment (and not newbies), you yourself become the same.
  1. “What if I lose money?” And who does not lose it, especially in the early stages? Any experience is gained at the cost of mistakes. But do not immediately program yourself to fail. Invest free money, breaking it into several parts. Carefully analyze the causes and victories and failures. This investor fear is one of the strongest, so you just need to approach it philosophically.
  2. “I have no money to invest.” And there is a trip to Turkey or Egypt? To take a step forward and start earning, you have to limit yourself to something:
  • Make a list of income and expenses. Think of what you could give up;
  • Set a goal every month to leave a certain amount of money from which start-up capital will be formed.
  1. “I’m afraid to change something.” Tell me, are you happy? Would you like to earn more at the expense of entertainment and recreation? Imagine that you are forced to lose what you have. Do you have a backup plan? If not, then why not invest money in a project to secure a pillow?
  2. “I may lose control of myself.” The man is often driven by excitement, which becomes the cause of rash acts. Therefore, here the decision is one thing – to learn to control oneself. Develop risk management rules, take breaks (if it concerns continuous trading), develop willpower.
  3. “The opinion of others is important to me.” The opinion of others, which is really important, is close and friends. Professionals will never laugh at novice’s mistakes, and the opinions of others are not worth considering. In the end, at least you tried, and what did they do?
  4. “Investing is a responsibility.” Yes, it is, only this fear of the investor is superfluous. Each of us is responsible for their own future, children, life. And investing is a pleasure on which to earn. With this approach, and earn easier!

To summarize: your success depends only on you and no one else. Sober mind, cold calculation, foresight, courage – and all you get! Do you agree with us?

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