Hurricane Irma reached Florida on Sunday and, as expected, there was no mercy for anyone. Category 4 hurricane reached a speed of 210 kilometers per hour in the city of Cujo Key, according to the National Hurricane Center. The hurricane caused massive destruction in some areas, breaking trees and de-energizing more than a million people.

The authorities called on the population to evacuate as soon as possible. Extreme reports show that about 5.6 million people have received an order to leave their homes in Florida.

“If an evacuation order came in, you need to do it immediately, not tonight or an hour later, immediately,” Governor Rick Scott warned at a press conference after explaining that a hurricane threatens lives. 20 inhabitants of the Caribbean islands were killed by a hurricane.

Florida is now in a critical situation. However, there is still trouble ahead. And I say not only material losses. Irma is likely to hit you on finances if you don’t protect yourself.

How to “trade Irma”

Look for shelter: if you intend to survive a hurricane, you should start looking for shelter right now. And we are talking about safe havens. Remember about our little friends: gold, Japanese yen and Swiss franc? So, there is a great chance that on Monday they will start to rise in price, after Wall Street is aware of the consequences of Irma.

Airways: More than 10,000 flights were canceled this weekend due to Irma’s arrival in Florida. American Airlines, United, Spirit, JetBlue and Delta Airlines have canceled flights to airports in this city and nearby cities.

Hotels and Leisure: Reducing the flow of people will hit the hotel business and entertainment business. Sectors from resorts to amusement parks are waiting for the fall as soon as Wall Street opens its doors on Monday.

Insurance: a large amount of damage implies large losses for insurance companies. In fact, insurance experts believe that Irma will be a major event for the industry. However, there is one interesting angle from which you can look at these events if you trade insurance stocks in the medium term. Affected people who were not fully insured may turn to insurance companies to protect their assets in the future, which may have the opposite effect in a few weeks.

Construction: following logic, heavy destruction will entail massive construction. Government spending on rebuilding the affected areas is key to building stocks. Not only construction companies are expected to rise, but also companies associated with building materials and mechanical engineering, such as Caterpillar.

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