A person often finds reasons for not wanting to change anything in his life. Many of us are afraid of life changes, afraid of taking risks or not believing in our own strength. And in vain. Many people think that time has already been lost. Take at least the same Mark Zuckerberg or John Colisson, who became billionaires under the age of 25 years. When the turning point of age comes, it seems that it is already impossible to compete with the young and the opportunities have already been lost. In our today’s review, a vivid example of what is never too late to begin. These billionaires only after 40 years earned their first billion. And it was given to them very difficult.

Billionaires after 40 years

  • Ray Kroc (1902-1984). He was 52 years old when he almost put a cross on his life. Strongly let down health. In addition to diabetes and arthritis, he underwent several operations and was unlikely to think about becoming a billionaire. Later, he still wrote that he believed in a miracle and a miracle happened. In 1954, he met the McDonald brothers, who pushed him to open a series of fast-food restaurants, which we now know as McDonald’s. At the time of death, his condition was estimated at 500 billion dollars. United States.
  • Henry Ford (1863-1947). He liked the automobile industry since childhood, especially at that time the first transport of this kind was just beginning to appear and was monopolized by large industrial tycoons. It would seem that it is impossible to break through here. But no, you just have to be an innovator. In 30 years, he creates his first car, but does not receive recognition. Up to 36 years, Ford gains experience at the Edison factory and only in 40 years, he founded his own company. He is immediately sued for copyright infringement and takes 8 years to win a lawsuit. Billionaire after 40 years, Ford becomes one only after the launch of the first assembly line and the popular Ford T model.
  • Michael Bloomberg (born 1942). At 24, Bloomberg came to the investment company Solomon Brothers to fall in love with money management for the rest of his life. True, the leadership did not appreciate his zeal and at age 39 he was reduced. But that did not stop him. In the same year, he created the Bloomberg LP news agency, which at that time had almost no competitors. The innovation of the agency was that financial analytics and news were delivered online. And how a billionaire after 40 years was able to organize it all is another question.
  • Sam Walton (1918-1982). Hardly did Walton even suspect that he would become a successful entrepreneur and a billionaire after 40 years. Initially, he chose a military career, but after the war he came to the conclusion that something else was needed. Then he chooses the beaten path – rents a store and is engaged in retail trade. After the store launched a good profit, its owner refuses to renew the lease. Walton is forced to start all over again, but this is what pushes him to create a new format of retail stores. The first store was opened in 1962, in 1979 there were already 230 of them and today we know this network called Wal-Mart.

Finally, a few motivational questions:

  • Tell me, do you feel like a happy person? Have you achieved the maximum or are you ready to go further?
  • If so, what is holding you back now from realizing your ideas and desires?
  • Are you ready for moderate risk? Alas, it is unlikely that there will be anything without risk. And of course, commitment, perseverance and perseverance are important.

Continued in the next review …

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