Good afternoon, dear blog readers. We continue a series of articles on the unique TrendWave indicator. It is interesting because there is a huge scope for experiments in work with it, and the strategies on it should be attributed to the basic ones. Yes, there are no perfect strategies. But you can use the ideas that we propose as a basis and drill at your discretion. We offer you interesting indicators and describe their use with clear screenshots, leaving them to further optimize them.

We remind you that you can download the Forex strategy (more precisely, indicators) by specifying an email address in the comments. All the templates of indicators for the strategy will be sent to you for free as soon as possible.

How to download and apply Forex strategy based on a wave indicator

TrendWave is an ambiguous indicator that tracks the beginning and end of a strong movement, guided by an analysis of statistical data from past periods. By itself, it is also applicable, but its combination with filter indicators, which remove noise and reduce the number of spurious signals, will be more optimal.

Trading Terms:

  • The timeframe is H4. In the extreme case, you can reduce the interval to H1, but then you need to change the parameters of the indicators.
  • Asset – volatile pairs (a combination of the euro, the dollar and the British pound).
  • TrendWave settings: WavePeriod (10), AvgPeriod (21), Levels (60, 50, -50, -60).
  • Hooya Map settings: leave the basic settings with values ​​of fast (5) and slow (34) MACD and values ​​of stochastic D = 3, S = 3. For other parameters, set zeroes.

How to open a purchase transaction:

  • TrendWave draws a blue dot on the chart.
  • Hooya Map on this or the next candle draws three green dots.

At the next candle you can open a deal. Stop-loss is better to put at a distance of about 30 points. Exit from the market to reach 20 points, after which the deal closes by 50% and is insured by trailing. Before you download the Forex strategy, evaluate the fundamental factors.

How to open a sale deal:

  • TrendWave draws a yellow dot on the chart.
  • Hooya Map on this or the next candle draws three red dots.

At the next candle you can open a deal.

It makes sense to skip the first 3 candles on Monday and the last 3 candles on Friday, since the logic of opening deals here violates the statistics on the indicator. Lower time interval H1 is not recommended. The filter in the strategy is the Hooya Map indicator, which includes the main oscillators that effectively complement TrendWave.

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