US stock futures are trading slightly lower today, after a quiet trading session on Monday. GOOGL securities decreased by 3% after the close of trading amid reporting for the second quarter. Nevertheless, the growth of Google securities for the current year was 26%, and expectations were ahead of the results. In government bonds, Germany’s 10-year yield rose to 0.501% from 0.497% on Monday, while the yield on 10-year Treasury bills remained unchanged at 2.253%. Greece is expected to return to international bond markets for the first time in three years. Antonio Garcia Pascal (Antonio Garcia Pascual), an economist at Barclays, says that the combination of financing risks, improved growth patterns and a stronger investor appetite for Greece have alleviated many potential problems associated with the decision. Earlier, the Australian S & P / ASX 200 rose 0.7%, which is well ahead of the stock markets in the region after a weak session on Monday. Large banks and mining companies led the growth, amid some support from rising oil prices. Brent crude oil at the auctions in Asia grew by 0.4% and amounted to 49.03 dollars per barrel after the promises of Saudi Arabia and Nigeria to restrict exports and production. Indices in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan practically did not change from Monday’s closing level, while Korean Kospi fell by 0.5% from a record level. In currencies, the dollar index fell by 0.1%, while the US dollar fell 0.2% against the yen and the euro and against the British pound. Many investors seem to be waiting for a statement on Wednesday from the Federal Open Market Committee. Economists do not expect any changes in the target indicator of trust funds, although some of them suggested that the central bank could announce the date of the beginning of the decline in the regulator’s balance.

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