Just recently, it became known that the broker MaxiMarkets has become a partner of the contest “Guess the dollar.” The financial quiz was organized by the Internet portal “My Financial Plus” and is twice pleased that the partners were also Kommersant newspaper, Dengi magazine and the Association of Regional Banks of Russia.

  • Help: the project, launched in October, is dedicated to improving the financial literacy of the population and will last another 30 weeks. Each week, quiz participants will be asked 10 economic questions. Prizes are drawn every week, and the 5 most economically savvy and active participants will receive a prize of 150 thousand rubles. You can read more about the project on our FxCash website in the MaxiMarkets broker rating.

In addition to participating in various projects, the broker MaxiMarkets also has its own attractive stocks that may be of interest to a trader with any trading experience.

MaxiMarkets Broker: reliability and loyalty to the customer always come first!

1. “A friend leads a friend.” Despite the fact that every broker has an affiliate program, MaxiMarkets has its own unique way. The broker offers 15% of the deposit amount of the invited trader, provided that the amount of replenishment is from 1000 dollars. USA. The advantage of the program is that the trader receives these 15% guaranteed, irrespective of whether a friend conducts trades on this account. The maximum bonus amount is 1500 dollars. United States.

2. “Deposit Bonus”. When replenishing a deposit in the amount of 1000 dollars. US broker MaxiMarkets adds another 30%. Promotion conditions:

  • the possibility of withdrawing a bonus only appears after the volume of transactions is 10,000 times the bonus size (leverage is taken into account);
  • the number of deals for bonus processing does not include positions that are open for less than 3 minutes, and deals opened in different directions;
  • you must trade at least once every three months.

Please note that the action is limited, but the exact date of its termination is not yet determined by the broker!

3. “100% deposit insurance”. Interesting action (rarely offered by brokers), which involves deposit insurance at the time of the news release. Promotion rules:

  • to replenish the account in the amount of 500 (if you are a new client) or 1000 (if you are a current client) dol. United States;
  • the insurance action covers all positions opened on the news day for 24 hours;
  • as part of the action, the total loss received over the trading period in the 24-hour promotion period is returned;
  • The refund is transferred to the bonus account. Its removal is possible under the conditions described in the previous promotional program;
  • participation in the promotion is possible only after verification of the identity documents of the trader.

The advantage of MaxiMarkets shares is their indefinite duration. You can join them at any time, and we recommend that you do this through the FxCash rebate service. Pass free registration on our website, follow the affiliate link to the broker’s website and open a trading account. FxCash – profitable trading due to the best conditions for the return of the spread!

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