MFX Broker can rightly be recognized as the leader in the number of promotions for its customers. First, it is one of the few brokers that provides prop-trading service, that is, it offers to become a manager without investing money. Secondly, the company holds more than 3 contests weekly. And let the reward in them is not the greatest – it is real money without investments. And thirdly, MFX Broker offers an endless stream of promotions and bonus offers that you simply cannot refuse!

MFX Broker – a broker who grows with you!

  1. “Trade without risk.” MFX Broker offers to insure your deposit in the amount of 100 dollars. USA. In order for the insurance to work 100%, it is necessary to trade the number of lots equal to 1/10 of the insurance amount. And although the spread on insured accounts is increased by 1 point, this service is a real way to minimize risks. Recommended for novice traders!
  2. “Reimbursement fee.” If you replenish your account via Visa or MasretCard for more than $ 100. USA, MFX Broker will refund you 100% of the cost of the commission. Also, watch out for stocks that have a limited validity period, by reimbursing the commission for replenishment through electronic wallets. There is also a perpetual promotion “0% commission” when replenishing through the Neteller payment system.
  3. MFX Broker tournaments in virtual and real accounts are a tremendous experience, opening up wide trading opportunities and additional money making. Competitions are divided into 3 groups:
  • FreeRoll. In the period from 13.02 to 02.03.17, the start of 6 tournaments on virtual accounts with a prize fund of $ 300 to $ 500 is expected. USA. They differ in duration (from 1 to 5 days) and trading conditions. Choose any and watch the announcements of the following tournaments;
  • Regular. Only in a tournament on a real trading account, you can feel the excitement and excitement of a real trading battle! Contribution – 10 dollars. United States, the prize – 1000-1600 dollars. USA, which will be divided among themselves 10 winners, duration 1-5 days;
  • Sit & Go. They differ in the size of the prize pool and have a special feature – they can start at any time after reaching a certain number of participants (2-30).

Money won in the tournament is available for withdrawal without restrictions!

And the most pleasant news MFX Broker – the ability to get control of up to 100 thousand dollars. US real capital! Without investing a cent, go through 10 stages of selecting the best – prove your abilities and become part of the team of professionals at MFX Broker!

MFX Broker is a real chance for new traders to develop their talent, learn from more experienced traders and ultimately become an independent trader or manager. Join the team of MFX Broker professionals and earn money with FxCash rebate service – the most profitable service to return the spread!

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