In fact, at the moment, a lot of news has accumulated. So let’s start in order, describing each news as a separate item.

1. Returned to work Blog @ Fxcash. For a long time the site “hung.” As a result of lengthy negotiations with the hosting provider, we still managed to restore the blog.

I also inform you that here, on the blog, now besides the main author, that is, me, Pavel Kalashnikov, the technical administrator of the service, will also publish the materials. The resource will gradually move away from covering only the news of the main project, and we will try to please the readers with interesting and unique articles and reviews.

2. Instant accruals. On the blog, this news has not yet been covered, although in fact for almost a month, as for a number of brokers, we have been working on an instantaneous accrual scheme. That is, now do not have to wait for receiving their earned money for a month. The transaction is closed – the balance is replenished automatically, immediately.

3. Fast processing of withdrawal requests. This fact works. Once upon a time we took a reserve of 3 working days to make debits on requests – all this is already passed stage for the service. Today, applications are held for a maximum of 24 hours, in practice it takes from 1 minute to 2-3 hours, OUTSIDE DEPENDENCE ON THE DAY OF A WEEK OR TIME OF A DAY! Believe me, this is only the beginning (I will not immediately disclose our secret yet plans)

4. New design Already “just about.” We are actively working. The project will change dramatically. Including user account.

5. New brokers are connected. Exness, ForexHunt, FBS are connected to the system. Others are actively connecting.

Stay tuned!

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