Despite the fact that about 1.5 months have already passed since the beginning of the year and many brokers have reduced the number of promotional programs after the holidays, there are brokers who have promotional and bonus programs last year round. And NordFX is one of them. For a month now, a European-level company has offered no deposit bonuses, fully fulfilling its obligations to customers.

NordFX – promotions and bonuses from a reliable broker!

  1. The competition “Demo Cup” is a great opportunity to win 100-1000 thousand dollars. US without investing a cent! The task is to take the first 5 prize places, earning as much money as possible on the demo account. The competition is held every month and the nearest drawing will take place after February 25th. 700-1000 people are registered for each contest, which means the chances of winning are not so slim. Did not have time to register? Follow the information on the NordFX website – the information on registration in the contest is constantly updated!
  2. “Bonus 55%.” As soon as the deposit will be credited from 100 to 8000 dollars. US and above, you get a no deposit bonus in the amount of 55 to 4400 dollars. USA (bonus amount can be seen in the table on the NordFX website). Terms of participation in the promotion:
  • pass the account verification or replenish it if it is already open (the offer is valid only for Micro and Standard accounts on MT4);
  • Report this to e-mail support.

We emphasize that the NordFX bonus cannot be withdrawn from the account and is used only for opening positions. The bonus is charged only after verification of the account.

  1. “Bonus up to 100%.” It differs from the previous one in that it can be turned into real money, provided that a certain number of lots are closed:
  • transfer to the account 250 dollars. United States, close 12 lots and get 65 dollars. US bonuses;
  • $ 500 top up USA after 55 lots will bring 275 dollars. US bonuses;
  • 1000 dollars You will receive US bonuses for the corresponding amount of crediting and 200 lots.

Profitable or unprofitable transactions – does not matter. The amount of bonuses is displayed in your account.

  1. “Dynamic bonus in binary options.” Each time you replenish the deposit you can get 25-100% of bonuses, with the amount of crediting from 5000 dollars. US bonus will be 150%. The bonus is considered redeemed (non-refundable) on the condition of a 30-fold trade turnover from the credited bonus.
  2. “Bring a friend – get a bonus.” You need to attract a friend who will pass the verification of the account on the broker’s website and credit the amount of $ 100 to the account. USA (friend must not be a NordFX customer or have a closed account at least 6 months ago). You will be credited 10% of the deposit amount with the possibility of a subsequent withdrawal, provided that:
  • holding another 1 lot for every 10 dollars. US bonus (for Micro accounts);
  • 10 dollars. US turnover for every 10 dollars. US bonuses (for binary options).

For example, a friend replenished a deposit for 1000 dollars. United States and closed 10 lots. Your bonus was 100 dollars. United States.

You can learn more about these promotions on the broker’s website. And we remind you that NordFX is a partner of the FxCash rebate service. FxCash – earn by returning the spread with professionals!

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