“Surprising near” – this is how one can characterize the stunning results of the sales adviser Nostradamus. We are sure you will not believe it, but on the 6-year test period on the MT4 on a demo account, the robot showed a yield of 4639% profit! We agree that such a fantastic result is not achievable for a real account, but it still gives some confidence in efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at it.

  • You can download Nostradamus Advisor with the necessary basic settings for free on the site of our partner AMarkets, which offers more than 100 advisors for any type of strategy.

Nostradamus Advisor: “Through Thorns to the Stars”

This advisor is the most profitable and most ambiguous in the arsenal of AMarkets. Someone criticizes him (alas, there are cases of deposit resetting), and someone manages to tune and still earn. The question is solely in patience and experience.

Feature advisor and trading conditions:

  • Advisor refers to the scalping ones, practicing a locking strategy using a mathematical algorithm. There are no technical indicators and martingale strategies. The locking algorithm assumes that the price is outweighed against the open position and exit into plus or breakeven during the first pullback. Advisor Nostradamus opens two positions in the opposite direction. Profitable position is closed in plus, the second is brought to breakeven or with minimal loss;
  • Advisor does not hold a position in the market for a long time. Its principle of operation is to open positions with a short horizon as much as possible. Maximum drawdown – 31.15%;
  • The recommended deposit is 2000 dollars. United States;
  • timeframe is M15, currency pairs are liquid with a minimum spread (EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY).

The Nostradamus advisor shows the maximum profit only on ECN accounts. Due to the short horizon of Take Profit, “freezing” should be excluded, slippage should be the shortest possible spread.

Nostradamus Advisor Settings:

  • Take Profit – 10;
  • Stop Loss – 10;
  • Magic Number – 1234;
  • Pip Step – 6;
  • MaxOrders – 10;
  • Trailing Stop – 30;
  • Time to Wait – 12;
  • Lots – 0.6;
  • UseRiskPercent – true;
  • RiskPercent – 1.0;
  • MaxOrderLot – 0.0.

These are the basic settings, which for the most part are responsible for risk management. Their adjustment is carried out on a test account, taking into account that the market situation will be much more stringent. For example, with a recommended risk of 1% on a real account, it is desirable to reduce it to 0.5%.

Summary. Non-standard advisor for those who can think outside the box and are ready to deal with the settings. Professionals can correct the code (order its correction on the MQL website). And if someone says that such a profit is fantastic, then we recommend that you just download it and start earning. Any profit is already good, even less fantastic, and Nostradamus advisor guarantees it.

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