Trying to find optimal strategies, many traders for some reason miss an important point: not always the success of a strategy depends on the indicator parameters used. The functionality of the platform can also play a significant role. Understanding how the platform has opportunities may suggest ideas on how to optimize a strategy. It is possible to devote a whole section of articles to the functional of MT4 only, therefore all of us cannot cover them. But some of them should still be told. This review is about the One Click Trading feature.

One Click Trading – one touch trading

This function has long been adopted by binary options brokers, offering one-click trading. In Forex, its technical implementation is somewhat more complicated. One Click Trading is an optional feature of Metatrader 4 and 5, which allows you to open a transaction with one click of the mouse on the chart without applying the classic transaction confirmation scheme. The purpose of the function is clear – saving time.

One Click Trading Scope:

  • Scalping and piping strategies. In trading, where the position is held in the market for a few minutes, if not less, there is no time to open a standard window.
  • Trading on the news. A sharp market reaction is observed in the first 1-3 minutes after the publication of the news. To miss the moment of instant opening position is not worth it. Thanks to One Click Trading, you can open orders for several assets simultaneously in a matter of seconds.
  • Lock and two-way grid trading. The order grid is a trading strategy in two directions at the same time. And they must be open at the same time, then the loss will be only in the spread.
  • Placing pending orders with one mouse click.

And if this feature is so good, why was it made auxiliary? In moments of active trading and emotional stress, the probability of error is high. The usual scheme of placing orders gives the trader a chance to think several times before sending a request to the broker. Also, the classical scheme excludes accidental clicking of the mouse button. Another drawback is that it is not possible to immediately set a stop loss and take profit in points. That is, in addition to opening a transaction, both of these orders will have to be manually transferred on the chart.

One Click Trading activation is simple: on the chart, call the auxiliary menu and select the “One Click Trading” option. A module will appear on the screen, allowing one-click to open or close a deal with the ability to adjust the lot volume.

Conclusion. One Click Trading can bring trader both benefit and harm. Any instrument must first be tested in test mode and only then it can be evaluated on a real account. For intraday trading, we would recommend using the classic option of opening a position using One Click Trading only for scalping. What do you think, how can this function be useful or dangerous? We invite you to share your opinion in the comments!

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