Information on order flow is the most valuable commodity for intraday traders, since intraday prices form the largest flows. If insiders who supply information report that they see only buy orders, you have the opportunity to conclude that the currency pair is growing. If they say that, who wanted to buy, already bought, you have the opportunity to confidently assume that the market is overloaded with long positions, which is the reason to conclude that a reversal is being prepared. Let’s talk about the impact on the market of a large stream. Market participants who know about these flows have the ability to position themselves prematurely. They can ride for free at someone else’s expense. The easiest and lowest risk transactions are carried out at the expense of customers. Because, with relevant information, you can really take away the risk. The market maker who has received a large order for execution knows that this is his most valuable asset. He can sell this information to investors. A significant part of intraday price movements is the result of speculation, rumors, psychological factors and other facts. The bigger you are in the role of the player, the higher the status in the information food chain. For example, when relevant information appears, the best customers receive information first, after which information begins to leak into the market until it finally ends up in the news feed. By the time the information reaches individual traders, it has already been used, has lost its relevance. The short-term trader would give a lot for the opportunity to receive information about the first relatively large orders. Some rumors can directly influence the price. In the forex universe ahead of the game in the order of things. Unfortunately, individual traders have almost no access to important information. They can only access the weekly reports of professional traders, which are prepared for the Commission on urgent stock trading. Although these weekly reports contain outdated information, they provide an opportunity to see extremes in positioning, which are viewed as warning signals. But even when you do not have direct access to this information, the price movement before the London fixing gives important clues about the intentions of the dealers.

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