We continue to prepare reviews of trading advisors, and today we’ll tell you about the rather interesting 2 Sides Stoch robot that you can get for free after registering on the FxCash rebate service from broker A — Markets (A — Forex).

2 Sides Stoch – clear advisor for profitable trading

This advisor is based on a stochastic oscillator that determines overbought and oversold zones. As soon as the price crosses the indicator in one of these zones, 2 Sides Stoch immediately opens a position. Since it is difficult to determine the exact pivot point, the robot uses elements of the Martingale strategy: the deal opens in the direction of the signal, and if the price unfolds, the opposite position is opened in a large lot. There are still some interesting pieces of this adviser, but they are not disclosed by the author.

Basic settings of the Sides Stoch 2 Expert Advisor (most affecting the trading performance):

  • Info – when this indicator is turned on, an information panel appears on the screen, reporting data on open deals;
  • UseVTP is a parameter that switches Take Profit ordering modes. If True, the virtual Take Profit option is launched, in which positions are closed by the trader, and a trailing stop is activated. If set to False, the transaction is closed automatically;
  • CloseBy – if set to True, 2 Sides Stoch will close trades, placing counter orders, with the opposite value, positions will be closed sequentially, starting from the largest;
  • ManualTrade – if True, the trader opens the first position manually. And if it turns out to be unprofitable, an adviser will be launched, which will bring it to profit by the following transactions;
  • DynamicTP – if True is set, the robot will determine the total take profit by analyzing the number of open short and long trades separately;
  • ZTP – when set to True, the maximum number of open trades is also set. Once it is reached, the robot will automatically send Take Profit to breakeven;
  • magi _ list – unique order numbers that the robot determines as “its own”. Only numbers with spaces can be entered in this field;
  • SellCollor (BuyColor) – selects the color of the corresponding buy and sell lines (signals).

Since the Martingale practically does not work in volatile markets, trading during the news or strong information noise is not recommended. The optimal deposit amount is 1000 dollars. USA. Below is the backtest of this advisor.

According to the results of testing for six months, Advisor 2 Sides Stoch brought revenue of 92.49%, the maximum drawdown was 24.44%. The adviser showed the best results on such currency pairs as NZD / UZD and AUD / USD. The recommended timeframe is M5 or M30.

Summary. Stochastic is considered one of the most accurate and basic indicators of technical analysis, which is why many strategies are built on it. Trading Advisor 2 Sides Stoch takes into account its main positive aspects and is quite capable of bringing at least 5% of profit per month. Register on the FxCash website, download 2 Sides Stoch and test it!

Successful trading!

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