This trading advisor has long been discussed in the Internet. When it was created, it is impossible to say exactly, but references to it can be found even in the relatively distant 2014. This is a positive point, since it is a confirmation that you can earn money with the ATR Trailer. The adviser was repeatedly refined, adapting to market changes, but in all its versions it remains a popular tool.

  • You can download the ATR Trailer Advisor on the website of the broker AMarkets, which is a partner of the FxCash rebate service, for free. The ATR Trailer settings are already set as desired, because if you do not fully understand the principle of the robot, do not make any changes! Test the program on a demo account and, if successful, launch the ATR Trailer on a cent account. Only when the ATR Trailer will bring the planned profit, go to real trading.

ATRTrailer – trend advisor with a moderate yield

ATR Trailer shows a relatively moderate profit. In the test mode, the adviser showed for 6 months 28.1% of profit with a maximum drawdown of 27.41%. It is the size of the drawdown that traders most often criticize, trying to choose the optimal settings for the adviser, but not very successfully yet, therefore the recommended deposit is $ 2000. United States.

The principle of operation of the ATR Trailer is based on obtaining maximum income at the time of a strong trend movement. The adviser is based on the ATR indicator, a trailing stop has been added as a risk limiter. Which position (short or long) will be opened first, the trader sets in the settings, the second opens in the opposite direction automatically based on the assessment of the volatility of the currency pair at a certain time interval.

ATRTrailer Trading Terms:

  • currency pair – USD / JPY (the best result was obtained on it);
  • timeframe – M30.

ATRTrailer Advisor Parameters

  • ATR_Period – the ATR parameter needed to set a trailing stop;
  • ATR_Multiplier – coefficient for multiplying the ATR value;
  • StartWith— “1” is a sell position, “2” is a buy position (type of transaction determined by the trader);
  • Slippage – the marginal slippage to which the trader agrees (in points);
  • Lots – the minimum lot size;
  • Magic – almost every Expert Advisor has this parameter. If it is turned on, the adviser will assign a unique number to open positions, which will distinguish them from the positions of other robots or manual transactions.

Tip: Not all brokers allow algorithmic trading. You can determine who opens a position (human or robot) precisely by the Magic parameter, because it is often turned off.

Summary. If you test several versions of the ATR Trailer robot, you can reach a more conservative performance – 15.3% in 8 months with a maximum drawdown of 5.8%. In this version, the value of the ATR period was 24, the multiplier was 3. The average number of open trades was 210 (opening rate – 1 time per day). Therefore, we advise you not to rush to launch ATR Trailer immediately to the real deposit. Choose the optimal parameters of profitability and risk, and only then bring the adviser to a real account.

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