This advisor has been known for more than 5 years, but reviews continue to be written about it and optimized settings. It seems to be nothing special in it – the classical tools of technical analysis, multiplying the lot by a coefficient in accordance with the Martingale strategy. And the results can be attributed to the average rather than high. But still it is worth considering. You can download it for free from broker AMarkets, where it is offered with settings already optimized for the latest market changes. In accordance with the Bektest on the demo account, the EA’s profit margin. The EA volatility factor was 27.1%, the maximum drawdown was 79.76% with a recommended deposit of $ 1,000. United States.

EA’s volatility factor – advisor for those who love risk

Such a large drawdown speaks for itself – the advisor does not suit beginners and conservatives. It is based on the averaged version of the grid (the example of a grid-based robot is already described here) with Martingale. The main indicator is the classic Bollinger Bands. As soon as the price breaks through the channel, the adviser Volatility factor opens a position in the direction of the trend. If the position is unprofitable, the robot places three orders that allow you to compensate for the loss.

The principle of operation of the robot is the theory, according to which, whatever the volatility, the market still returns to average values. In the basic settings, the length of the stop-loss is set at 300 points. In other words, you need to have a very large deposit margin in order to sustain a drawdown.

EA Factor Volatilnosti EA Settings:

  • MaxSpread – the maximum spread at which the EA opens a position. If it increases, the opening of transactions stops;
  • Slippage – maximum allowed slippage;
  • Manual GMT Offset – installation of an HMT offset for a broker;
  • Max Neg Adds – the parameter that is responsible for how many more orders will be placed if the position brought a loss after the first opening;
  • Force Profit and Loss – two settings that determine the size of the total basket of orders at which deals are closed;
  • Auto MM is a parameter that allows you to manage your capital thanks to automatic lot calculation.

The recommended timeframe is M15, there is no time limit on trading. The remaining settings can be called secondary, but there are still about a dozen.

The volatility factor is a complex advisor. Developed in 2012, it has undergone various changes at least three times, but has not changed dramatically. Huge stop loss and risks are a reason to use the adviser on cent accounts as a workout. You can not use it as the main one, but it is possible to optimize it so that it gives up to 50% of profit per year without zeroing the deposit. Therefore we download, test and earn! We remind you of the return of the spread from FxCash, which will partially reduce the losses from the broker’s commission.

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