If you look at the list of free trading advisors offered by broker A – Markets, you can ask yourself: why should I download a trading advisor who showed a profitability of 30% if there are advisers with a profit of 150-500%! Explain:

  • the higher the profitability – the higher the risk. Suppose that at 6 months of trading Mr Martingale shows 969% of profitability, but also a third of the deposit drawdown (30.09%) is an impressive figure, with the maximum permissible risk management indicators of 5-10%;
  • there is no guarantee that after 12 months of testing, the adviser will not show a loss – the weather on the stock markets is very changeable, and 6 months of testing is a short period;
  • there are no universal advisers, and the smaller the profit shows, the more likely it is that it will work on different currency pairs and in different conditions.

Woc modify 04: the slower you go, the farther you will be!

Trading robot Woc modify 04 for the first 6 months of testing yielded an income of 28.5%, which, by the standards of professional traders, quite a bit. However, it is Woc modify 04 that boasts one of the most minimal drawdowns – 1.11%, which corresponds to the minimum trading risk.

At the heart of Woc modify 04 is a scalping trading system that places orders in the direction of the last sharp movement of the price trend (parameters are set manually). The robot analyzes the speed of ticks, then opens a position in the desired direction. Order opening conditions:

  • time for one transaction – no more than 2 minutes;
  • To maximize profits, a minimum brokerage spread is required;
  • The trading platform and broker must ensure that there is no slippage and requotes.

The optimal amount of the deposit – 2000 dollars. The United States (although with such a drawdown is not a matter of principle, if you work on a cent account, this is altogether $ 20), the recommended timeframe is M5 (although the broker advises H1, but for scalpers it is not an option), currency pairs are the most liquid .

Settings woc modify04:

  • StopLoss – stop loss length (in points), set by the trader at your own risk and risk, that is, in accordance with personal risk management;

& nbsp;

  • TrSt – activation of a trailing stop to limit losses (a floating order with the only drawback – does not work if the connection with the broker is interrupted due to the absence of the Internet);
  • Speed ​​- the size of the sharp price fluctuations (in points);
  • timeSpeed ​​- set the time interval (in seconds) during which a sharp change in price occurs;
  • Lots – lot volume;
  • MaxLot – lot size limit.

& nbsp;

Summary. The feedback on Woc modify 04 is quite restrained, but more positive. Experienced traders recommend putting long stops and reducing the timeframe, working with EUR / USD currencies, but due to summer circumstances (UK referendum) it’s better not to use the GBP / USD pair, the Swiss franc is an alternative.

You can receive a return of up to 40 USD per lot from the spread in AMarkets by opening a trading account through the FxCash service “Open an account.”

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