The Baker Street automated trading system is the author’s strategy of Peter Stepanov (a Forex Club broker and analyst with experience of over 6 years), which takes into account the simplest classical technical analysis tools and accumulated experience. The strategy takes into account possible fundamental information and quote surges, because it will be clear and easy even for novice traders.

Baker Street trading system – optimal use of classical technical analysis

The Baker Street system is relatively young – on a real account, it was launched in mid-July 2016, the testing period is 6 months. During this time, the strategy has fully justified its name: the conservative principle of opening positions, moderate profits with relatively infrequent market entries. As an asset, currency pairs of high and moderate liquidity are used – the franc, Canadian and Australian dollars, the British pound, the yen, the euro, the US dollar in various combinations.

Actual performance of the Baker Street system:

  • Yield from July 2016 – 19.8%;
  • maximum drawdown – 17.2%;
  • number of transactions – 190.

If we analyze the dynamics of profitability, we can see that the largest drawdown was observed at the time of the referendum in the UK. In 2017, elections in France and Germany remain at risk, so for the time of these events, it is better to stop the system.

Estimated target system profitability is 60% per year with a drawdown of 35%. True, you should not count on such profits – risk minimization lies at the heart of the Baker Street system, so choosing between high profits and low risks will focus on reducing possible losses.

To get the system, you need to have an initial deposit of $ 5 thousand. US or subscribe to the online store yurokera. Free access for testing is 2 weeks, the recommended risk per trade is 2%, the total risk is no more than 12%. The package includes the system of automatic delivery of trading signals for MT4 Subscriber.

Summary. The Baker Street trading system refers to indicator-free and requires the installation of a stop loss. Trading on it is relatively simple, but unlike other strategies offered by Forex Club, the system needs physical control. It is recommended to check the results of the system and adjust the settings 2-3 times a day (about 1-1.5 hours in total). In case of deviations of the system from the planned parameters or the need to change the settings, you can count on the free help of the author at any time. And of course, do not forget to take the opportunity to earn a partial return of the spread from the FxCash rebate service!

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