Forex Club broker doesn’t have many copyright trading systems (only 5), but Bonsai is the oldest of them. Its launch on a real account took place in September 2014, and from that moment the strategy brought 23%. At first glance, not so much, but the reason lies in the fundamental factors of the past year: the volatility of currencies due to the referendum in the UK and the elections in the United States brought a loss of 6% over the past year. In 2017, the system will have to recover losses and generate at least 12-15% of revenue.

Bonsai trading system – proven reliability

The Bonsai system is the author’s trading strategy of Yuri Lozgovtsev (experience of over 12 years), having worked in the test period for more than 3 years and proved its stability on a real account. It is based on the Ichimoku indicator (here’s an example of an adviser built on it), which allows you to analyze the currency, stock and commodity markets. The most optimized for the Bonsai system is considered a portfolio consisting of 60% of the currency market instruments, gold and silver, 40% – CFD for commodity and stock market assets.

Actual performance of the Bonsai system:

  • profit for the entire system operation time – 23.8%, loss for the last year – 6.2%;
  • profit for the last quarter – 2.6%, loss for the last month – 4.2%;
  • the number of transactions for the entire trading period (from 09/19/14) is 325.

The actual result is not far from the planned targets. With a planned maximum drawdown of 30%, the fact was 32%, the planned yield was 30% per year (if not for the loss of the previous year, the actual income would be about 18-20%).

You can trade on the MT4 and Libertex platforms. Recommended basic tools are in the specification, but after gaining access to the system, you can, with the author of the strategy, select an individual portfolio in accordance with the level of risk and return. The recommended risk level is no more than 5% per trade and no more than 25% of the total risk! To control the system is enough once a day.

The actual work of 2.5 years is a serious period that is credible to the trading system. Therefore, the minimum deposit amount for working with the Bonsai system is 10 thousand dollars. USA. There is another option – registration of a subscription in the online store Forex Club. The demo version for testing is available for free for 2 weeks.

Summary. The Bonsai system is a complex trading strategy that works on a Japanese indicator simultaneously with several assets to diversify risks (from 4-5 assets). It is not super-profitable, but its stability is the highest of all the proposed Forex Club systems. And even if you are not a professional, the author of the system will help you understand its intricacies, and the FxCash rebate service compensates you for a part of the spread!

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