In the last article, we looked at the Woc modify 04 trading advisor, which brings even a small income, but it carries minimal risks. Today we will pay attention to another “extreme” – the Boomerang trading advisor, also presented in free access on the website of the broker A-Markets.

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Advisor Boomerang: 1000% – myth or reality?

Broker calls this the best robot that he can offer. Judging by the back test, for 6 months, the adviser Boomerang brought 994% per annum, but with a slight catch – this robot also leads in the maximum drawdown – 77%. Input data for trade:

  • initial deposit – 1000 dollars. United States (or 1000 cents);
  • trading is conducted only on currency pairs with high volatility (US dollar, euro, yen, British pound in any combination);
  • trading on a trend is recommended, although the robot shows profit in flat.

Advisor Boomerang is based on the fact that entry into the market occurs at the time of the price breakdown of the exponential moving average (EMA 18). To enter the market, the robot analyzes the 4-hour chart, to close the transaction – the time. A martingale element has been added to the strategy, which explains the large drawdown. Therefore, in the settings it is recommended to set small landmarks with frequent fixation.

Advisor Boomerang settings are minimal:

  • TR – goals for taking profits (set in points). Depend on the appetite of the trader and on how much he is willing to take risks;
  • SL – the value of the possible loss on the transaction (in points), which the trader agrees to;
  • MaxLots – maximum lot size.

In other words, the advisor does not have its own settings; only data related to the trader’s risk management are entered. The minimalism in the settings of the advisor is twofold. On the one hand, the fewer the settings, the less opportunities for the trader to get confused, if the adviser does not work, then definitely it’s not the settings. On the other hand, the trader is deprived of the opportunity to customize the program in accordance with market realities or their own preferences.

Summary. Like the strategy of the same name, the advisor himself is considered to be a good income instrument. However, there are negative reviews about it, where traders complain that transactions do not open even on a demo account. In order to reduce the number of negative reviews, we will give a few recommendations:

  • Any strategy that works according to Martingale is high-risk. Working with this advisor, you should not risk the main part of the deposit, since a drawdown of 77% over 6 months at some point may turn into 100%;
  • the Boomerang adviser may not open a position for a long time or even bring a loss, which will then be covered by one profitable transaction;
  • trading is recommended at the time of the news release. The EA brings the maximum profit if the spread is less than 10 points.

Repeat the result of 1000% for 6 months – this is fantastic, but you can earn 50-100% per year with a certain luck and skill. Download, install, test! And reduce the losses on the spread by registering with FxCash rebate service!

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