Tell me which version of trading advisor do you prefer? Togo, which is based on 3-4 or more indicators? Or a simplified version of the classic strategies based on the most popular tools: moving averages, stochastics, Bollinger bands, etc.? Both options have their strengths and weaknesses:

  • the more indicators (signal filters), the smaller the robot shows entry points. And it’s far from the fact that positions opened by such a robot will give a profit;
  • strategies for 1-2 indicators give a lot of signals to the input, but due to price noise some signals may be false.

Advisor GL 2ma is a vivid example of a simple robot based on moving averages, which you can download for free on the A-Markets broker website.

Advisor GL 2ma – basic robot for individual strategies

The basic settings of GL 2ma theoretically make it possible to earn 117.61% for 6 months with a minimum deposit of $ 100. USA. Pleases the maximum drawdown – 21.78% (relatively few). But, although moving averages are among the most sensitive indicators that respond quickly to market changes, in practice it is not realistic to catch a market that actually brings more than 200% per annum.

Judging by the reviews, GL 2ma can consistently bring up to 50% per annum, but only in the long term. The robot opens up many losing trades, but due to the ideally selected period of moving average, it is enough for it to catch one main trend in order to cover all small unprofitable positions at a time.

Trading Terms GL 2ma:

  • liquid currency pairs: US dollar, euro, British pound, Canadian dollar, yen;
  • timeframe – M15.

The deposit curve is curved, but still has an uptrend.

GL 2ma Settings:

  • Per – MA period (126);
  • Shift – MA (10) shift;
  • Lot – lot size (default 0.1).

Summary. GL 2ma is a good beginner trading advisor to understand how robots work. On one indicator, a lot of money does not work, but then this is the basic robot. Therefore recommendations:

  • during the testing of the robot, do not be afraid to experiment: put different periods, change assets;
  • The recommended testing period for a demo account is 6 months (use monitoring MyFxBook). In real trading, output GL 2ma first to a cent account to see how the advisor behaves;
  • GL 2ma is the base robot. Having dealt with the principle of its operation, add to the code, for example, a confirmatory oscillator (stochastic) or another indicator.

There is no universal adviser, but there is an opportunity to finalize the program in accordance with its own strategy. In which we wish you success! And of course, stay with the FxCash rebate service blog – your reliable guide to the world of stock trading!

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