In MT 4 (the most popular trading platform) there are many basic indicators that, if used wisely, can bring good profits. The Ichimoku indicator can be called a “black swan” – there are not many references to it, but the indicator is well thought out, although it is a bit complicated. It is the basis of the advisor Ichimoku Chinkou Cross, which you can download for free on the website of the broker A-Markets.

Ichimoku indicator is on guard for your profit!

The idea of ​​the robot is simple: as soon as the Chinkou line intersects with the price, the first entry signal appears. As soon as the Kumo line lines up relative to the price trend, the robot enters the market, taking it as a confirmation signal. An asset can be any currency pair (except for exotic ones). The optimal timeframe is H4, the yield for the 7 months of the test is more than 50%, the maximum drawdown is 36.49%, the recommended deposit is 1000 USD (USD or cents). Empty drawdown may seem relatively large, but the Ichimoku indicator fully fulfills it.

Advisor’s basic settings:

  • Tenkan (9), Kijun (26), Senkou (52) – settings for the Ichimoku indicator. In parentheses are the basic settings that can be changed at the time of testing the adviser;
  • ММ – if this parameter is enabled, then the calculation of the volume of the lot will pass automatically, based on the ATR indicator;
  • ATR_Period – subject to the inclusion of the previous parameter, the period of the ATR indicator is set here;
  • ATR_Miltiplier – the ATR indicator parameter multiplies by the specified value;
  • Risk is the percentage of the risk of the deposit amount. Works if MM is enabled;
  • FixedBalanse – works only if the MM parameter is enabled. If the value is greater than “0”, the set parameter is used instead of the data on the deposit balance;
  • MoneyRisk – the amount of risk in the account currency;

UseMoneyInsteadOfPercentage and UseEquityInsteadOfBalance are parameters that switch the risk calculation in accordance with the previous parameters.

As you can see, the settings of this indicator are divided into two parts: the Ichimoku indicators and the money management parameters. We recommend to start testing with the selection of the second part of the indicators, since the success of the robot depends on them by more than 50%. And only when you are confident in your risk management system, you can try to adjust the Ichimoku indicator.

  • Important! If you do not understand how the indicator works, do not change the basic settings!

Summary. The Ichimoku indicator was developed in the 1960s. Its development took several years, because of its effectiveness, no doubt. Its advantage is profit, provided that it has the right money management. If you have any questions with the settings, we recommend manual testing directly with the Ichimoku indicator and only then selecting with the money management parameter.

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