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In the fight for customers, each broker is trying to bring something unique to trading. Someone develops his own strategies and advisers, someone promotes a social trading platform and PAMM accounts, someone focuses on his strong strengths. Brokers Admiral Markets and MTrading chose a different path – they decided to offer an improved MT4 terminal, which many of them loved by introducing the Metatrader Supreme plugin. Being essentially related brokers, they have a formal ownership right to the plugin. Why the new platform is so special and whether it can be interesting for traders, read on.

Metatrader Supreme – New Excellence MT4

Metatrader Supreme is an add-on to MT4 with quite interesting features that were often lacking in trading. All the functionality of Metatrader remains, the plugin only adds to it some functions. The updated version of the plug-in was introduced in the fall of 2016 and over the past year has been able to gain the attention of traders.

Functionalities of Metatrader Supreme:

  1. Mini terminal:
  • several variations of stop orders based on time;
  • Margin and Lot Calculator;
  • built-in templates for CCA and OCA;
  • one-click hedging and reverse transactions.
  1. Main trading terminal (functions that complement the capabilities of the Mini Terminal):
  • Multi-currency trading management mode is available. Something that many traders lacked;
  • It is possible to partially close several orders;
  • simplified template creation;
  • is a multi-monitoring feature. How useful it is, it is better to evaluate in practice. On the one hand, it reduces the time to assess the current situation, on the other hand, it distracts from the strategy itself.
  1. Tick Chart Trader (trading application that allows you to personalize the display of tick charts):
  • has 5 tick charts: directly graphs, tick speed, candles, timelines and comparisons;
  • The ability to import quotes information into Excel.
  1. Strategy tester. Trading simulator with advanced features that allows you to test strategies in the Mini Terminal. There is a calculator for the calculation of the lot, a tool for analyzing the strategy. The application is more convenient than a regular tester of MT4.
  2. Indicator solutions. An add-on that extends the platform’s technical tools. Renko charts, order history, Pivot levels, effective ways to group graphics systems – this and much more has been added to Metatrader Supreme.
  3. MiniChart. Time saving indicator. Convenient application which reflects several types of charts and time frames. It has non-standard timeframes from a few seconds to 3 minutes. Convenient for scalpers.

Also, a news feed with an economic calendar, navigation in the history of orders and an RSS feed has been added to the plugin. In our view, this function in MT4 is superfluous, since it overloads the platform. The platform itself also has such a function, but it is recommended to disable it and use third-party services.

Metatrader Supreme leaves a positive impression. Additional features for professional trading well complement the classic MT4 functionality. You can test the platform for free on a demo account at Admiral Markets and MTrading.

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