Pipsing in Forex is scalping. Words are synonymous, they are often used next to each other. The essence of the strategy is to catch the slightest price movement and quickly close a position after a few points.

Recommendations for using scalping strategies:

  • narrow spread. Profit at short intervals should not be “eaten up” by the broker’s commission;
  • no slippage. Deals should open instantly;
  • trading on the news. At the time of flat trading is not conducted.

Scalping requires speed and care, because on the basis of pipsing strategies on Forex trading advisors are built. One of them is Pipsi advisor. On a test account for 12 months, the robot showed a profit of almost 300% with a maximum drawdown of 53% (according to other data, the monthly profit is about 15%). Recommended deposit – from 1000 dollars. USA (allowed to run on cent accounts). Free download advisor with basic settings you can broker AMarkets. After registering in your account, you can see a detailed test report.

Pipsing in Forex with Pipsi Advisor

The advisor’s high profitability is due to the high speed of opening deals. The feature of Pipsi is that it works at night, when most traders are resting. This eliminates server overload. The robot can be called relatively universal – it can earn both on the M1 and H1 timeframes, provided it is optimized (the basic settings are set for short timeframes). Currency pair – any, but exotic pairs have a large spread, because they do not always fit.

Expert Advisor Pipsi Settings:

  • start = 21. Trade start time;
  • end = 9. Time to end trading;
  • period = 36. Indicator period;
  • SLpp = 300.0. Stop loss value.

Trade is conducted from 21.00 to 9.00 on the platform time. The built-in indicator opens a deal of 1 lot size, the fixation of income on which occurs at the moment when a new signal appears. A loss position is closed either at a fixed value specified in the settings, or automatically when a new signal occurs. On average, the adviser opened a little over 2500 transactions per year. This suggests that the adviser is waiting for a convenient moment of a strong trend, there are moments when a position does not open for several days, but there is a period when several dozen transactions can be opened a day.

Equity advisor with pipsing on Forex strongly reacts to the broker’s trading conditions and market situation. The tester shows a loss for some periods, because the settings are optimized for each currency pair. Despite the fact that the sensitivity of Pipsi is high and constant monitoring is needed, the adviser can be profitable. Still, it is recommended to use it on cent accounts rather than ordinary ones.

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