Spike Trader Trading Advisor is one of those programs that should be classified as auxiliary, since it is impossible to build the main trade on it. The reason is the specifics of his trade. This robot is designed to trade at the time of news release or markets where, for whatever reason, there is a sharp price surge. The yield curve may seem zigzag at first glance, but the reason for this is a very rare entry into the market.

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SpikeTrader – Advisor for news trading

Spike Trader was developed in 2012 based on a surge strategy. Its essence is that the surge is a candle that is held higher than the number of candles specified in the BarsNumber parameter by the percentage specified in the PercentageDifference parameter. This is a sell signal. The signal to close the position will be either the generation of the opposite trend (its reversal), or the achievement of the number of candles Hold.

In simple terms, the adviser opens trades in opposite directions to the surge, based on the fact that after any strong movement, he is making a no less abrupt change. The effectiveness of the adviser depends on setting 5 basic parameters determining the number of candles. On average, the adviser enters the market once a month, showing a yield of 3-4%.

Trading Conditions SpikeTrader:

  • The recommended deposit is $ 2,000. United States;
  • currency pair – EUR / USD (it is the most volatile and liquid at the time of the surge);
  • maximum drawdown – 24.92%;
  • timeframe is H4.

SpikeTrader Expert Advisor Settings:

  • Lots – the minimum lot size set manually in accordance with the requirements of the broker and the risk management of the trader;
  • Slippage – the maximum value of slippage in points, set in accordance with the risk management strategy;
  • Hold – the number of candles, after which Spike Trader closes the position. This parameter is considered the primary;
  • BarsNumber – the number of candles to analyze;
  • PercentageDifference – risk coefficient (percentage of the deposit that the trader risks – 1-2% but not more than 5% is recommended), on the basis of which the lot is automatically calculated;
  • ThirdOrHalf – parameter for optimizing Spike Trader for different market conditions (it is not recommended to change it);
  • Magic — a parameter responsible for the individual number of open trades. It allows the robot to distinguish its transactions from others.

Summary. To test this robot, you need a lot of time and patience. But, considering its relatively low risk level, we would recommend running Spike Trader on a cent account after 1-2 months of testing. There are few reviews about it – the robot is relatively rare, but no less effective. Therefore, we recommend trying this advisor in practice and be sure to leave your comments after this article!

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