Sometimes the problem of an intuitive understanding of a trading platform becomes an obstacle to the start of trading. It seems that there is a desire, and basic knowledge for perfection on a test account. But attempts to understand the functionality of the platform at the root of this desire is cut off. The popular Metatrader 4 for a person who first installed the platform may seem too complicated. The ForexClub broker, who developed the StartFX platform, which is almost the only terminal “sharpened” under the training process, took this problem to solve this problem.

StartFX – the platform from which to start trading

StartFX is an educational trading platform in which the minimum functionality fully complies with professional terminals, but with detailed tips. The tools here are relatively limited – 8 indicators and 2 graphical tools (for comparison, the MT4 has 30 and 32, and the Rumus – 77 and 17, respectively). The interface is simple, discreet, not overloaded with unnecessary menus and commands.

Features of StartFX:

  • the platform is a multi-level structure, each level of which is more complicated than the previous one (see below);
  • There is a method for executing “Fixed Price” orders, which is not found in other platforms. How convenient it is in comparison with Instant and Market Execution cannot be said right away, but for beginners this performance will definitely be clearer;
  • There is no spread per se. In order not to confuse the trader, he is replaced by a commission. The essence remains the same, but for a beginner person it is so clearer;
  • It is possible to change the volume and direction of a position without resorting to locking or hedging;
  • provides one click trading;
  • There are intelligent interactive hints.

The StartFX platform is not suitable for trading with the help of advisers, its purpose does not provide for this. Its task is to acquaint the trader with the specifics of trading, and for this, the terminal provides 4 levels of training. The first is the simplest (basic), the last is the closest to professional trading. It is not necessary to start from the base. If you are familiar with the concepts of technical indicators and terminology, then you can start from the 3rd or even the last 4th.

The StartFX platform has flaws. There is no algorithmic trading, no locking, no pending orders are provided, the terminal is not available in the mobile version. Disadvantages are not critical, as the platform is educational and is not intended for full-featured trading.

The feedback on StartFX is positive, but after the terminal is mastered, it is better to switch to more serious platforms. You can download the platform in 10 minutes, but for testing you will need to register a demo account. Broker support is always ready to help with any questions. StartFX training versions are the best option for a novice trader.

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