Ilan is one of the most controversial trading advisors, based on the Martingale strategy. The robot has many settings, which is why many traders are critical of it, and the program itself has more than 10 different modifications. We will look at one of the latest versions of the adviser Ilan, in which the ratio of the lot and the size of the deposit is optimally balanced with the level of risk and income.

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Advisor Ilan – make money on the Martingale

The Martingale breakeven strategy is based on the correct selection of the lot increase ratio and risk management parameters. Increasing the lot in accordance with the Martingale calculator inevitably leads to a loss of deposit through 6-7 transactions. Advisor Ilan selects the optimal rate of increase in the lot in accordance with the ratio of profitable and unprofitable transactions.

Trading Terms Ilan 1.6Dynamic:

  • The recommended deposit amount is 10 thousand dollars. United States;
  • asset – liquid currency pairs;
  • timeframe – 5 minutes.

The broker offers two options:

  • conservative strategy: maximum drawdown – 11.0%, relative drawdown – 9.1%, income – more than 22% per annum;
  • aggressive strategy: maximum drawdown – 29.31%, relative drawdown – 50.2%, income – more than 500% per annum.

Such a large deposit value is explained by the large value of consecutive continuous losses (17), which for Martingale is equivalent to a complete loss of the deposit. But, since the maximum number of profitable transactions in a row is 29, and the average value of the number of wins is 2 times more than the losses, there is no need to multiply the lot by a factor of 2 or higher. 2-3 profitable trades are enough to cover 6-8 losing ones.

Basic Settings for the Ilan Advisor:

  • LotExponent – the coefficient by which the lot is multiplied;
  • DefaultPips – the distance between open positions (in Fri). The smaller it is, the more often the adviser will enter the market;
  • Glubina – the number of candles by which you can analyze the market volatility. Advisor Ilant calculates how far the price has passed for a given number of candles and divides by DEL;
  • DEL is the parameter responsible for changing the step that was initially set in DefaultPips;
  • Slip – slippage limit value (in Fri);
  • Lots – the initial lot size to which the adviser returns after a series of profitable transactions;
  • Drop – automatic closing of the transaction in case of a sharp price jump. The parameter is based on the CCI indicator;
  • RSIMinimum — The RSI lower bound value to identify the oversold zone.

The remaining parameters relate to personal risk management.

Summary. Advisor Ilan is a high-risk robot, but it also brings much more profit than conservative strategies. We recommend to sort out its settings in detail, test at least 2-3 months on a demo account, and then go to the centovik. And if the results suit you, then you can safely switch to large sums.

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