Calypso Advisor is one of the very interesting robots, different from the others in that it is able to work simultaneously with several currency pairs (from 1 to 15 with a choice of pairs) and successfully adapts to changes in the foreign exchange market. And sometimes you can wait a few days before the deal is opened. Download the program with the basic settings that are optimal for work, you can on the website of the broker A-Markets.

AdvisorCalypso – a universal robot with elements of risk

The recommended optimal deposit is $ 1,000. USA, a good timeframe – H1. The disadvantage of the robot is a relatively large drawdown (52%), which is explained by the Martingale elements (increase in the volume of the transaction in case of failure). Testing for 6 months could bring 74%. And even if not in any situation such good results can be achieved, the adviser can bring at least 5% per month.

At the core of the Calypso advisor is a good algorithm that combines sound risk management policy and market fluctuations. The robot works well both in the flat and in trending markets, but at the time of the news release (in a volatile market) it is better not to open a deal. You can work with both stop-loss orders and without them.

Calypso Advisor provides for working with 4 strategies (optional, adjusted in settings). Strateg = 0 – the robot works with only one currency pair specified in the settings. = 1 – trading is carried out in three currency pairs, = 2 – in 9 pairs, = 3 – in 15 pairs.

Calypso Advisor Settings:

  • Target – target income level for all currency pairs;
  • Lots – the minimum value of the lot;
  • sm_mode – when you turn on the mode, the stop loss setting function is activated. Since the adviser in places allows a deep drawdown, the inclusion of this parameter is not recommended (this can greatly change the principle of the robot). But it is important to understand the level of risk;
  • cx_mode – hedging mode that works only with currency pairs of one of the strategies. If the indicator is turned on, hedging is carried out for all currency pairs of the strategy, if it is off, for each pair separately.

Summary. The ideal trading robot does not exist and the Calypso advisor is no exception. On the Internet you can find both positive and negative reviews about this robot. Moreover, the negative concerns claims to deep drawdowns. On the robot, you can trade a year, and at one point, the entire deposit will be “merged”. True, the adviser has at least 4 versions and will have to tinker with the settings. To minimize potential losses, we recommend:

  • keep dynamic lot unchanged;
  • set a protective deposit level and select the optimal stop loss step. Given the depth of the drawdown, close stops are not recommended;
  • understand the principle of the program and make changes to the code in accordance with your strategy.

And of course, do not forget that it is necessary to test the advisor for at least 6 months (for continuous program operation, use the VPS server). Calypso Advisor is a good program, but only in professional hands.

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