Literally the other day, a partner of the FxCash rebate service, a Forex Club broker, presented on its website a new trading system with the interesting name “Half Square”. Its author is Ekaterina Trubchik, an analyst-consultant who has been developing strategies since 2014. This is a semi-manual intraday system with proven signal indicators.

  • We recommend the combination of this system with the return of the spread from FxCash, which will make trading even more profitable!

Polkvadrata trading system – intraday strategy for beginners

The Polkvadrata trading system is recommended to anyone who has just begun their acquaintance with trading. It is based on simple popular indicators:

  • Bollinger Bands – an indicator showing the price channel. The system incorporates strategies for breaking the boundaries of channels at the moment when a strong trend starts and bouncing off the borders inside the channel;
  • Stochastic Oscillator – a signal filter indicating overbought and oversold zones, potential trend reversal zones.

The trading system relies on cyclicality in changing the volatility of an asset within 24 hours. The basic instruments are currency pairs USD / JPY, GBP / USD, NZD / USD, GBP / JPY, FDAX, YM, NKD, oil indices.

Planned performance of the “Half Square” system:

  • yield up to 70% per year;
  • The maximum drawdown is 30% for all open positions (the permissible risk per trade is no more than 2%).

Actual performance:

  • last year’s profit – 1.8%;
  • profit for the entire time of the system on a real account – 10.8%;
  • open 153 deals from 01/12/16 (8-12 positions per month);
  • The maximum drawdown is 15.2%.

In the automatic mode, the Polkvadrata system requires monitoring 3-4 times a day, but we would recommend tracking positions more often and combining trading with manual mode. The correction of all the markets to the October positions was the reason that the entire annual profit was reduced to the breakeven point. If for this period the system was turned off or transferred to manual mode, the profit for the year could be up to 25% per year.

The trading system “Polkvadrata” is available to Forex Club traders for testing for free for 2 weeks. Options for connecting to the trading system for full access:

  • make a monthly subscription in the online store Forex Club broker (more on the site);
  • Add a deposit of $ 5,000. US and get access to the system “Polkvadrata” for free.

The subscription includes the Subscriber trading system for MT4.

Summary. The trading system “Polkvadrata” was tested for a historical period of more than a year. Its results allowed laying a planned yield of 70%. But its weak point is sensitivity to a fundamental factor. The strongest drawdowns were observed in June and December, that is, at the time of market correction before the UK referendum and after the US elections. Because at this time, the system is better to stop. And let the declared 70% is fantastic, your tactics will bring exactly 20-25%.

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