Currently, there is a lot of talk about where and how it is most profitable to invest your savings, so that they bring only profit and are not at risk of impairment. But, fortunately, today there are a huge number of different options for the most successful and profitable investment of funds, so it will not take long to think. One of the most profitable is the earnings in PAMM accounts and trade. For many, this concept is quite new, so let’s try to deal with it with the principle of earnings on this investment principle. A PAMM account (or a percentage distribution management module) is a certain investor’s trading account, which includes many other funds from various investors, but is managed by an experienced person (manager). The manager has extensive experience in trading in the market of exchange rates. And, if the investor is poorly versed in such a trade, then he does not need to worry about its successful outcome, since you yourself will not have to make certain trading decisions. All profits that the manager earns must be divided between all participants and those who have invested in Pamm’s account.

For example, if an investor has invested 5% of the invoice amount, then his share of the manager’s profit will be no more than 5%. But, as a rule, the manager receives income from the account management, that is, he is paid a commission from the profit of each investor. Usually this fee is charged automatically, before the distribution of profits from the activities of the manager on the PAMM-account. PAMM account can be opened on any of the exchanges provided by brokers. The main guarantor of the purity of the manager’s work on a PAMM account is that he has in common not only foreign investors’ money, but his own money, thereby bearing the same risk as co-investors. In general, a PAMM-account today is not a bad investment of own funds, capable of bringing about 20% monthly with proper management and proper dosed investing of own funds.

A manager, each investor can choose from the whole set provided by brokers, each of them has his own work experience and results of activity that are not hidden, but, on the contrary, are open to potential investors.

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