From the 25th to the 29th, we carried out accruals for all dealing centers.

Warning: some changes in the future schedule for further payments! Payments for October 2009 will be made no later than the 10th of November. At the same time will be summed up the October special event. Recall that this draw will be held among the most active clients of the service, and the winner will be the trader who will have the maximum total number of deals for a specified period, regardless of their volume. It remains literally a day, and the result will be fixed

The winner of the September bonus action was Max Selyuk, his account X50268. It is hard to imagine why he would have such a diversification in the number of accounts, but the fact is, as they say, there is a fact – we have the undisputed leader. Congratulations: he has already received $ 100 bonus on his account balance!

Recently, we are often asked questions about the rare update blog and news feeds. Our regular customers, of course, know that FxCash specialists are always in touch, technical support is working normally, we communicate with everyone, we help everyone, in general, payments and basic services work without delay, supporting our main task – ensuring maximum monetary benefits for traders. For the rest, we inform you that is preparing several new and interesting projects that will be published in the near future. Stay Connected

All successful deals!

Regards, Team.

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