Persistent Anti is a non-standard trading advisor, which is immediately visible from the deposit curve. Its zigzag view still has a slowly but surely growing trend. Therefore, we warn you right away: the robot is not simple and “with character”. To cope with it will have to tinker thoroughly in order to find the right settings in accordance with the market. And then he will answer you in return: let the claimed 46% in 6 months is like science fiction, but you can earn 3-4% per month.

  • Persistent Anti Advisor with basic settings can be downloaded for free on the AMarkets broker website.

PersistentAnti – catch the trend and make money!

The principle of the Expert Advisor Persistent Anti is based on the concept of market sustainability. If the robot sees that the market is stable, that is, the price is likely to go up, therefore, you can open a position in the direction of the trend. If the market is unstable, then with a high probability the price will go down, therefore, in an unstable market you need to open a position in the opposite direction. Stability is determined by the number of candles in one direction, which is set by the trader.

Best of all, Persistent Anti robot shows itself in a volatile market, that is, at the time of the news release. The maximum drawdown is 26.57%. As for a volatile market, this is a normal drawdown, but if it goes beyond 30%, an urgent need to change the settings.

PersistentAnti Trading Terms:

  • currency pair – EUR / USD. It is important that the pair be as liquid and volatile as possible, otherwise the drawdown may almost double;
  • timeframe – H4. In case of problems with low returns, it is recommended to increase the timeframe.

Settings of the trading advisor PersistentAnti:

  • N – the number of candles to determine the stability of the trend. The main parameter that should be selected and periodically change depending on the market situation;
  • Ratio – the ratio of stable (unstable) candles to the total number of candles (N), on the basis of which a decision is made to open a deal;
  • Reverse – has two modes: true false. In the first case, Persistent Anti will trade regardless of the stability mode, in the second case, with its account;
  • Lots – lot volume (if the MM function is enabled, this parameter does not work);
  • Slippage – allowable slippage in points;
  • MM – automatic lot calculation;
  • MaxPositionSize – the maximum lot size if the MM parameter is enabled;
  • OrderComment – the ability to add comments to the opening positions;
  • Magic – assign Persistent Anti unique numbers to its open positions.

Summary. For a trader, the essence of trading with Persistent Anti comes down to determining the stability of the market, and this is the most difficult. However, a little patience, training on a demo account – and everything will work out for you!

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