There are several different trading styles that differ from each other in terms of volume and duration of holding a position in the market. The most short-term trading is called scalping or piping. Its essence is to enter the market many times a day with a very small profit for each of the positions. Thus, due to the large number of closed positions with a small profit, quite good money is obtained in total. This trend is popular because scalping does not need big money and less risk since one or even several loss-making positions are not critical whereas a loss-making long-term position can cause significant damage to the balance sheet.

Some tips for beginning scalpers:

1) Prepare the workspace properly. For convenience and speed of reaction, it is desirable that the trader had two monitors. Different terminal scripts can help scalpers to automate and speed up the process.

2) Enter the market with a very small stop or exit the market on your own as soon as there are reasons to believe that the market is moving in the opposite direction from yours. It is very important to quickly fix the loss as soon as the situation in the market went beyond the plan, because the further you tighten the unprofitable position, the harder it will be to get out of it. First of all, it is morally difficult. It turns out the standard situation “I wanted to trade as a scalper. and became a long-term investor. ” This is fraught with large losses or even discharge depot.

3) Before trading, clean up, tune in to the market. To do this, you can first trade in a very small volume compared to the standard one, or even completely dispense with trading on a demo account or forecasts without entering the market. This is necessary in order to adjust the brains to the correct wave, to feel the market. There are statistics – most of the losing trades occur either at the very beginning of the trading day, when the trader has not yet managed to tune in, or at the very end, when he has already run out of steam.

4) Rest when you are tired. Do not trade when there is no desire to trade. It is necessary to enter the market vigorous and concentrated. There should be a working mood, aimed at making a profit. If in doubt, do not trade. Take a short break or even continue the next trading day when you get in order.

5) The most potentially beneficial advice that can be given to scalpers is to use the rebate service to return spreads. Anyone who trades in the short run knows perfectly well how much the spread “eats” of potential gain. And the fewer points a trader makes for one closed position, the greater the share goes to the spread and the profit, respectively, is less. In fact, the spread is the main enemy of the scalper, because of which the income is significantly reduced and the list of traded instruments is limited to 2-3 major currency pairs.

Who can help curb the spread? The best assistant in this matter is the FxCash rebate service!

For instruments with a small floating arm, it eliminates the spread completely – it will be 100% compensated by the FxCash service, for instruments with a larger fixed spread, the return is up to 95%. The size of the return depends on the broker chosen.

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