Trading on Forex or stock markets is short-term earnings for those who do not like long-term investments. And in vain does not like, because after 10 years the investment environment can change radically. Remember how many years it took the Internet industry to become one of the leading industries that gave rise to the flow of technology companies. It was first talked about in the 1990s, and in the 2000s, the world already saw the “dotcom crash.”

The last 10 years have given us Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon – companies that were able to press the giants of the financial, energy, automotive sector in the TOP-10 of the most expensive corporations in the world. Investors who invested 10 years ago in Bitcoin or 20 years ago in Amazon would have multiplied their investments of the future dozens or even hundreds of times. Let’s think what might be profitable in the next 10 years.

Investments of the future: how to make money in 10 years

About virtual reality, the world heard only in the 1990s, what is 3D printing – about 10 years ago. The blockchain technology has become interesting to society only since 2017. What could be interesting in 10 years:

  1. Internet platforms. Trade and communications are gradually moving to the Internet. Today you can order goods with delivery from anywhere in the world. Fast data transfer speed and multinationality – the key to the successful development of Internet platforms. And Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba is an example. Investing in securities of such companies is a variant of a conservative but reliable investment of the future with a horizon of 10 years.
  2. Clean water. According to the UN, by 2030 the problem of drinking water may become acute for 50% of the world’s population. Only 3% of the planet’s water is drinking, and 2% of them are ice. Large companies (investment banks and funds) have already begun to gradually buy up the territory near lakes and canals, investing also money in purification facilities and desalination technologies. So far, the S & P Global Water index does not show much growth – the profit for the last 5 years was about 35%, for the last 10 years – about 20%. But it just says that now is the time to invest in it. There are other investment options:
  • ETF Pictet Water Fund. Swiss Fund, managing capital of 3.5 billion dollars. USA. Funds for drinking water projects;
  • iShares Globak Water ETF;
  • ETF Impax Markets;
  • AquaVenture: direction – desalination.

The difficulty of investing is that there are no fundamental factors that could say for sure when investment will “shoot”. And maybe 20 years will have to wait.

  1. Pharmacology and biotechnology. Work in this industry for decades to come. While there is a problem of cancer, AIDS, aging, transplantation, individual companies will be interesting. True, there is a risk: the value of the shares directly depends on the success of the development, and in case of failure of the test, losses may be several tens of percent. In which companies to invest, there is no one piece of advice – you need to keep an eye on the industry, but it’s definitely the investment of the future.
  2. Virtual and augmented reality. VR technologies (user immersion into the digital universe) and AR (adding elements of the digital world to the real world) are technologies of the future and not only of the entertainment industry. Recall the success of Pokemon GO and the film industry. Over time, technology will move to other industries, perhaps even entering into everyday life as a mandatory attribute. Examples of companies whose shares would be worth investing: Sony, IMAX, Intel, Nvidia.

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