Novice traders believe that the trading platform is enough to start making money. To start earning – yes, but not in order to maximize profits and minimize risks. On most of these programs for binary options and Forex, we have already written on the blog FxCash, because we simply systematize the information.

Binary Options and Forex Software

The proposed perechil programs for binary options and forex will allow the trader to save time, reduce the number of unprofitable transactions, automate trading. List of proposed programs:

  • trader diaries. Analytical programs that, after uploading data on closed transactions from the trading platform, allow us to group data, display charts and apply statistical and mathematical analysis methods to increase the efficiency of the trading system. Some of the most effective programs for binary options and forex;
  • MyFxBook. This is not a program, but a service, but it is worth mentioning. In addition to excellent functionality for analyzing the effectiveness of strategies, linking an account in this monitor in the future will confirm your integrity, if you decide to sell your strategy;
  • TraidingView. Live chart to analyze broker quotes. A handy graphical analysis tool for determining how much a broker gives accurate asset quotes;
  • stock screeners. An auxiliary tool for those who need to quickly find basic information on the global stock market. They are convenient filters with updated information: quotes, historical chart, financial report release date, etc. You just need to select the industry and the necessary parameters;
  • trading advisors and signaling platforms. Such services are available for free and for free, but signaling programs can only be installed on the terminals of specific brokers. Read more about whether to trust signals, read here;
  • programs for creating trading advisors. They allow, according to the set parameters, to compile the code of the future adviser for loading in MT4. An example of such a program that does not require knowledge of MQL – System Creator;
  • auxiliary calculators: for calculating the lot, commissions, Martingale calculators, etc .;
  • scripts. These small applications are put into the platform and help automate actions. For example, they clear the terminal of temporary files that hinder its work, automatically close all orders, etc.

Summary. We are sure that here we have listed far from all the programs that can help optimize trade and minimize risks. Which programs to use from this list is up to you. If you have something to add to this list or you have individual preferences, we invite you to discuss this in the comments.

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