No matter how people dismiss psychology, taking all this for granted and a waste of time, without a psychological attitude in trading anywhere. The state of mental balance and self-confidence gives the mind clarity and allows you to stay cool in any situation.

Money affirmations are thoughts, internal dialogues that help streamline life experience. These are motivational phrases that allow you to overcome fear, insecurity. In the work associated with nervous tension, a sort of mantra, psychological setting – this is what will not let go crazy. In the case of an overvoltage, it would be best to simply take a break, but there is not always such a luxury to afford it.

Cash Affirmations: How to Set Yourself to Success

  1. I am a successful trader and therefore I make a profit:
  • My positive results are my knowledge and my experience.
  • Even if for the time being I do not have a profit, I have a goal and a plan for how to reach it.
  • I am always in harmony with myself.
  • I do not live in the past. My failures are a reason to analyze the situation and draw the right conclusions.
  • I’m sure of what I’m doing.
  1. My goal is stable profit (stability is important, not maximum):
  • I have to create a working mood for myself.
  • I’m not distracted by extraneous things or external irritants.
  • I’m only interested in long-term results, I’m not interested in momentary benefits.
  • I always understand how I open or close a deal.
  • I’m in no hurry to make a decision and I’m quite ready to wait out a period where there is no certainty.
  1. I completely trust the chosen strategy:
  • Only I make a decision and I analyzed everything in detail. Even if I made a mistake, I will understand the error and try again.
  • I will not give up the strategy if it brought a loss within the framework of the prescribed risk. Not always everything works out the first time and the second or third deal will cover the loss.
  • I don’t open a deal if I don’t see a clear coincidence of all technical and fundamental factors.
  • I only work with safety warrants.
  • I always follow open positions, analyze the market situation, I can adjust to it.
  1. I work in strict accordance with risk management, because the risks are minimal:
  • I’m not chasing profits. Let the profit be small, but I practically risk nothing. My goal is not to lose money, and only then earn it.
  • I do not use high-risk tactics, including Martingale.
  • I do not increase the volume of transactions in a fit of excitement.
  1. I myself am responsible for my decisions:
  • No one is to blame for my mistakes except me.
  • If I got a loss, then I didn’t foresee something and now I’ll take it into account in the future.
  • I always try to keep calm and balance even in case of loss.
  • I do not open transactions under the influence of emotions.
  • Being engaged in trading, I not only learn to earn money, but also train my psychological and emotional state.
  • I remain calm after opening a deal. I do not worry, because I am confident in my actions. I’m not afraid of losing money – this is also an experience that will help me in the future.
  1. I’m ready to quickly respond to any changes in the market:
  • I understand that the market is unpredictable, but it will not take me by surprise.
  • I see that the transaction went at a loss, but I have no reason to close it. I do not feel anxiety and just wait, because everything is within my risk management.
  • I will close a position in accordance with a predefined plan, regardless of whether it is profitable or unprofitable.
  1. I do not fall under the influence of someone else’s opinion:
  • I can analyze information. I am ready to listen to the opinions of other people, but I am able to determine the rational kernel in it myself. I carefully process the information and make an objective decision.
  • I’m ready to listen to only constructive, reasoned criticism.
  • I’m not affected by other people’s emotions.
  1. I enjoy trading:
  • I work for my pleasure, whatever the result.
  • I am always satisfied with my actions and I can draw the right conclusions.
  • I have no fear, I am guided by logic. And only I manage my life and actions.
  • I am constantly improving. Every day I try to learn something new and useful, I try to put it into practice.

We hope that these cash affirmations will help you to tune in the desired fashion. Repeat them for yourself every day and just believe in your strength! Everything will work out for you!

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