Strategies do not happen much. Labtrend is another development for those who like to puzzle over non-standard solutions and who perceive trading as excitement and pleasure. If you come to Forex just to earn money, then this indicator will not work for you. Well, if you consider yourself a guru in the selection of settings and optimization, like this lesson, then Labtrend you will love for sure. The indicator is quite rare, because if you do not find it in free access on the Internet, let us know in the comments. We are ready to send you a template and installation instructions for free to any address.

Labtrend – trend trading by medium-term strategy

Labtrend is an interesting indicator that exists in several versions. Its code is quite complex and often needs to be optimized. It belongs to the category of delayed, because strategies based on it are only long-term. But he does not show redrawing. To confirm the signal, two filters are built into it that most accurately remove extraneous noise and random bursts.

Trading Terms:

  • timeframe – H1. You can trade on the time interval H4, but the question is how much profit will pay for the time spent;
  • asset – GBP / USD;
  • Labtrend settings (Risk = 3.0, TimeFrame = 0, Signal = 1, ColorBar = 1, SoundAlertMode = 0).

The indicator is an arrow, so waiting for a long coincidence of any conditions is not necessary. A long position is opened when Labtrend draws a blue dot, a short one – when the dot is red. The transaction opens on the next candle after the signal appears. Stop – 20-50 points.

Exit the market according to the following principle:

  • after the price change has brought 20 points, 1/3 of the transaction is closed and the stop is moved to the breakeven level;
  • The next 1/3 of the transaction closes after the rise or fall in prices will give about 40-50 points;
  • for the remaining transaction, we set a trailing around 15 points.

It is also possible to trade on narrower timeframes, but it is better to reinsure the position with additional filters. On other pairs, the strategy works worse, but it is quite tolerable. You only need to make adjustments to the settings and choose the appropriate length of the stops. It is better to close positions before the weekend and the release of important news.

The indicator’s settings seem not so much, the problem is different here: to pick them up in accordance with the currency pair. And if it is relatively easy to do on short timeframes, then in the middle term it takes time. And, alas, the analysis of past periods does not guarantee that in the future the positions will be successful. In any case, the Labtrend strategy is working, but time consuming.

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