We have paid attention to the speed of the trading platform in previous articles. The faster the trading platform works, the less the likelihood of slippage and the better price for executed orders. There are a lot of reasons for braking: starting from the speed of the broker servers, ending with problems with the platform. Just a few simple manipulations with the platform will remove the extra load from it and make it even faster. How – read on the example of the platform Metatrader 4.

Platform MetaTrader: how to speed up a terminal

The Metatrader platform is popular for its functionality. A lot of tools, great opportunities for automated trading, the ability to load any scripts, add-ins and advisors. Any application (robot, add-in) will use remote MT4 folders, which, accumulating, complicate the operation of the terminal. The problem can be solved in three ways:

  • installing the platform on a VPS server (then the server capacity will be enough to satisfy the trader’s requirements). The disadvantage is the payment for using the server capacity;
  • reinstall the platform. Everything useful that has been downloaded is not saved;
  • self-manipulation. About this and more.

In the “View – Market Watch” menu, click on the right mouse button and select the “Hide all characters” option. Click on the “Symbols” again and select the necessary tools. The Metatrader platform automatically tightens online quotes for selected assets. The more allocated they are, the greater the load of the PC’s RAM and the greater the platform braking.

The next step is to save the quotes history. MT4 saves as much history as it is unlikely even needed to optimize the trading system. And this is extra memory and terminal loading. Enter the menu “Service – Settings”, find the section “Charts” and reduce the maximum number of bars in the history and the window. We recommend the optimal corresponding figures – 20 000 and 5 000.

The third step is to disable the news that the platform MetaTrader 4 receives automatically. They do not make sense when there are relevant services or you work with multiple platforms. Therefore, we do not overload traffic – go to the tab “Server – Settings” and remove the checkboxes from “Allow news” and “Allow DDE server”.

After the changes are made, we reload the Metatrader platform and check the CPU load by Task Manager. With manual trading changes will not be noticeable. But if trading is carried out on several computers connected to a network, and using trade advisors, the result will be visible immediately after the processor is loaded.

And do not forget to periodically run a script to clean the MetaTrader platform from the extra temporary files that the system creates each time you run advisors or indicators. These subtleties of working with the platform in the future will help you save money. We invite all of our readers to share experiences in the comments! FxCash rebate service is always ready to share the most useful information with you!

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