On September 15, US stocks rose, after published economic data, convinced investors that the Federal Reserve could not be aggressively tuned in on the issue of raising interest rates, as previously thought.

Significantly strengthened the technology sector, against the backdrop of jumped shares of Apple Inc.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at an increase of 177.71 points, or 0.99%, at 18.212.48.

The S & P 500 rose 21.49 points, or 1.01%, ending the session at 2,147.26. The Nasdaq Composite Index closed with an increase of 75.92 points, or 1.47%, at the level of 5.249.69.

September 16, in China and Hong Kong weekends. China celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is held in Hong Kong.

September 16, Asian stock markets strengthened, after weak data from the United States reduced the already low probability of raising the interest rate of the Fed, next week. Fed executives will meet at the same time as Bank of Japan executives, who are expected to present the results of a comprehensive review of their incentive program, amid a failed attempt to achieve an inflation target of 2%.

The policy makers at the Bank of Japan do not seem to share a common position about whether or not to make the program to buy central bank bonds more flexible, reports The Wall Street Journal. According to the publication, at least three of the nine board members are in favor of maintaining the current asset purchase program, fearing that any changes could lead to a stronger yen. Others are in favor of a more flexible approach, in which the bank will only buy the amount of bonds needed to achieve certain goals, such as achieving a target inflation rate of 2%.

Nikkei Stock Averag rose 114.28 points, or 0.70%, ending the session at 16.519.29. & P / ASX 200 strengthened during the bidding by 56.84 points, or 1.08%, to the level of 5.296.70.

In the FOREX market, the USD / JPY currency pair fell slightly during today’s trading. At the same time, on the H4 chart, a pivot candle was formed hammer, after which, there is a probability of correction to the top, in the direction of the key resistance level of 103.52. Alternative option. Bears remain on the market. In case of resumption of decline and breakdown of the intermediate level 101.70, we can expect the completion of the bearish movement, to test the key support level 101.01.

Yesterday, the quotes of the AUD / USD currency pair resumed their growth, at the same time, they broke through and consolidated above the level of 0.7490. After that, the bulls had a good opportunity to continue moving north, to the key resistance level of 0.7719.

Yesterday, the NZD / USD currency pair continued to grow, as a result, the pair quotes broke through and consolidated above the level of 0.7296. Despite a slight correction during today’s trading, the likelihood of continued growth, to work out the key resistance level of 0.7416, remains. Alternative option. If the bears can break through and consolidate below the key support level of 0.7296, we can expect a continuation of the decline, to work out the lower boundary of the ascending channel.

During today’s trading, the quotes of gold have changed little, demonstrating the balance of forces between bulls and bears. In this situation, it is worthwhile to consider both a bullish and a bearish version of the development of the event. On the chart, we can distinguish two intermediate levels, so the breakdown of the intermediate resistance level of 1317.83 will probably open the way for the bulls to test the key resistance level of 1329.63. While the breakdown of the intermediate support level of 1312.17, may be a signal for the bears, to continue to decline, to the key support level of 1304.32.

Overview prepared by Fort Financial Services Analytics

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